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Finance for Non Financial Managers

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Level Workshop
Date/Venue 02/04/14 - Basingstoke
Duration 2 days
Time 09:30 to 16:30
Price Net - £650.00
VAT - £130.00
Gross - £780.00


Introduction to Finance
Managers are often asked to make decisions or manage budgets which will impact upon the financial performance of a business without having received adequate financial training.  This course is for non financial managers who require a sound understanding of finance, enabling them to participate confidently in financial discussions and decision making.  During this short course you will get an insight to both financial and management accounting principles, the interpretation of company accounts, cash flow management and budgeting.  In addition it covers the basis upon which financial cases can be built and judged and would benefit someone wanting to improve their confidence with financial terminology and the use of standard accounting reports.
Who should attend: Non-financial managers e.g. sales, marketing, operating, distribution, administration, business managers, project managers, new budget holders and those whose work involves an appreciation of finance, budgets, cashflow and accounting methods.
If time permits we can interpret key components of your company's accounts during the course. This exercise can be very enlightening.
Course Aim
  • To give delegates an introduction to the finance function and sufficient knowledge of accounting to enable them to contribute to financial decision making.
Course Objectives
By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Understand fully all the major financial statements
  • Fully comprehend how financial statements illustrate business performance
  • Recognise the key elements within a balance sheet and a profit and loss account
  • Appreciate the vital impact of liquidity, cash flow and working capital
  • Analyse financial information to assess business performance
  • Identify the key elements in budgeting/forecasting, their importance and their impact
  • Distinguish between the different cost systems
  • Demonstrate break even analysis
  • Apply financial skills to project management to assess viability and potential
Accounting law, governing legislation and legal entities
Accounting definitions - clearing out the jargon and de-mystifying financial accounts
The balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow and working capital in detail
Depreciation and amortisation
Capital and Revenue expenditure
The difference between profit and cash
Cash flow statements
Cash flow forecasts
Financial analysis techniques - working capital requirement, business performance
Accounting ratios and their application.  Critical performance measures: gearing, liquidity profitability
Investment decision making: Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), Internal Rate of Return (IIR), Net Present Values (NPV), Return on Investment (ROI)
Cost types and their behaviour
Fixed and Variable costs
Break even and variance analysis
The whole budgeting process

The causes of corporate decline

Course Includes
Lunch/refreshments and course materials
Training Venues for scheduled courses at: Whiteley - Southampton, Salisbury, Basingstoke
Comment: An extremely useful course; Trainer made a relatively dry subject interesting and easy to understand. A worthwhile course that did exactly what it set out to do.[SG and AL Vector]
Comment: A very informative and useful overview that helped explain alot. [AH ] Comment: An excellent course, expertly delivered in an environment that encouraged learning. Thank you. [AL - HCR]
Comment: Just the right level for a financial novice. I am on the way to enlightenment. [AS - HCR]
Comment: A very good course: I have gained some useful knowledge. Wendy was excellent. [JM Gemalto]