Benefits of Drone Technology

Posted on: 3rd May 2019

Benefits of Drones to our Society

The following list identifies the reason why drones have become an integral part of our society. As drone technology continues to improve, more advanced drones with greater capabilities including AI will start to provide invaluable support for us.

  • Saving lives: Drones can be used to save lives in cases where there is a natural disaster such as floods and search and rescue operations are necessary a la Mozambique.
    • Delivery of defibrillators: Quickly transport defibrillators to remote areas.
    • Delivery of human organs: Quickly transport human material between hospitals.
  • Support law enforcement: Drones can be used by law enforcement to maintain law and order by using them for surveillance / crowd control / ‘eyes on’ armed suspects etc
  • Contribute to maintenance in dangerous environments: Drones have been used by contractors to access places where humans may not access such as Chernobyl.
  • Streamline agriculture management: Drones are being used by experts in the agricultural sector for purposes of monitoring crop growth and management in vast land areas.
  • They are cheap: Drones are cheaper to obtain when compared to the military drones. This is because they are made of cheaper materials and include less advanced features.
  • They allow for precision: Drones are computer operated which means they are more precise and allow for better targeting and precision than humans.
  • They are easy to deploy: They are light weight and small in size.
  • They are low risk: Drones pose a much lower risk to the population and to the environment because they fly lower than planes.
  • They can work long hours: Drones are machines that can be operated for as long as they are powered and this means that they can work for extremely long hours without fatigue.
  • They are more accurate: Drones are more accurate when it comes to targeting a problem.
  • Easy to learn and pilot: Drones do not require complex understanding of the machines to pilot them. They are easy to learn and have an easy interface for piloting.
  • They can fly in controlled environments: Civilian drones are smaller in size and do not require complex operational modes. They can therefore be flown in smaller controlled environments.

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