Assertiveness Skills Workshop

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Price (exc vat): £280
PrintDURATION: 1 day
TIME: 09:30 to 16:30 GMT

This course is currently only available for a group of delegates (4+). Please contact us for further details.

Many people find it hard to express themselves honestly and this course aims to help delegates to develop the ability to use assertiveness skills at work.

About Assertiveness Skills Workshop

Essentially we have three communication options, passive, aggressive or assertive.  Assertive communication allows you to express your views and feelings whilst still respecting the views and feelings of others. It is the basis of influential communication and essential for healthy business. Unfortunately some people think that their only options are passive or aggressive and find that when they adopt either approach, relationships and self-esteem suffer. This course will help the participants understand how to adapt a more effective, assertive approach by developing the skills and mind-set necessary to express themselves honestly.

Key Benefits

  • Improved business communication – Open and honest communication leads to better business decision, fewer mistakes and a more open culture in the workplace.
  • Increased morale – Staff who feel able to express themselves assertively feel more engaged at work.
  • Reduced stress and improved employee wellbeing – Passivity and aggression are both unhealthy for individuals and teams. Greater assertiveness leads to happier healthier workplaces

Target Student: This course is ideal for all front line staff, supervisors, managers, team leaders and sales people who have a tendency to adopt a mainly passive or aggressive approach.

Tailored training: If you have four or more delegates who need this course, or any of our other courses; we can offer a tailored training solution to meet your exact needs. Courses are held either at one of our training venues or on-site using a suitable meeting room.

Course Includes:

  • Lunch and Refreshments – let us know if you have any special dietary needs. [Excluding London]
  • Training Manual
  • Certificate on completion
  • Post course support

Aim & Objectives


Students will learn how to become more assertive in the workplace by exploring how to respond assertively to various common workplace situations.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise aggressive, assertive and submissive behaviour
  • Identify personal blocks to assertiveness
  • Discuss the benefits of an assertive approach over the passive or aggressive alternatives
  • Use body language, eye contact and vocal tone to express opinions assertively
  • Recognise aggressive, assertive and submissive behaviours
  • Express views and emotions assertively
  • Influence outcomes that are positive for you and others

Course Content

This assertiveness course includes both theory and practice so that delegates not only understand the basis of assertiveness but have the opportunity to experience using and receiving assertive behaviours. Practice exercises involve a number of common workplace situations.

What is assertiveness and its alternatives?
We will explore the pros and cons of the passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour

  • Assertiveness and why should we be more assertive
  • The personal and professional consequences of non-assertive or aggressive approaches
  • What stops us being more assertive

Developing an assertive mind-set
Without the right mind-set, people will not allow themselves to use the various assertive communication skills taught.

  • Assertive v’s non-assertive thinking
  • Assertive rights and responsibilities

Assertive Language patterns

  • Assertive versus passive versus aggressive language
  • BOCA Feedback model

Assertive Body language ad behaviours

  • Body language including posture, gesture, stance and movement
  • Assertive eye contact
  • Vocal tone

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