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You shouldn’t fear this “new normal". Remote work can be good for business, but leaders and managers need to understand how to manage their teams remotely.

About Managing Remote Teams NOW £140

How well do you manage your teams remotely?

The advancements in technology and the diversity of the roles that we carry out today means that our teams and those who work with us are rarely co-located.

One of the key challenges for the leaders and managers of today is to overcome the remoteness with which we work and to ensure that our people continue to be supported and valued. It’s also important to have the correct balance of supervision and control. Too much and people feel stifled and monitored. Too little and people feel undervalued or invisible.

Working with remote teams presents a range of management issues that must be overcome to allow organisations to remain effective.

Who is this for?

The world has changed and your team works remotely from home or on the move. You need to understand how to improve the operational effectiveness of your team in this new norm.

Aim & Objectives


To improve the operational effectiveness of your remote team.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Improve the qualities and effectiveness of your remote team(s)
  • Identify the needs and expectations of leaders, managers and remote teams
  • Understand key issues and requirements relating to working remotely
  • Implement effective communications
  • Measure performance and manage change

Course Content

What we mean by remote teams and flexible working

The challenges and opportunities of remote working

The effective skills and qualities of highly effective dispersed teams

The needs and expectations of the remote team members

The needs and expectations of leaders and managers of remote teams

About and understand the emotional, psychological and physical requirements of those working remotely

About the need to implement and develop effective communication processes

How best to use and avoid certain technologies for working remotely

How to measure the performance of those working remotely

How to manage any necessary change

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