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  • 30-11-1999
Price (exc vat): £1499
PrintDURATION: 4 days
TIME: 09:00 to 17:30 GMT

MoP® Management of Portfolios - Foundation and Practitioner training course at Southampton, Hampshire. MoP accredited qualifications. 2 day Foundation + 2 day Practitioner course at Southampton. Consider onsite training with 6 or more delegates.

About MoP® Management of Portfolios

MoP® Management of Portfolios Foundation  (2 days) £799 +vat

Management of Portfolios (MoP®) is about investing in the right change initiatives and implementing them effectively. MoP® helps organisations answer a fundamental question: ‘Are we sure this investment is right for us and how will it contribute to our strategic objectives?’ MoP® is structured around five flexible principles within which the two cycles and the 12 portfolio management practices exist. While portfolio management will be more effective where robust programme and project management (PPM) exists, this is not a prerequisite for its successful implementation.

MoP® Management of Portfolios Practitioner (2 days) £699 +vat

Management of Portfolios (MoP®) complements the suite of related PPM guidance developed by Best Management Practice to help organisations and individuals to use best practice to manage projects, programmes and services consistently and effectively. MoP® focuses on strategic investment decision-making and integrates seamlessly with all other best practice methodologies. It is highlighted throughout MoP® that whilst portfolio management will be more effective where robust programme and project management (PPM) exists, this is not a prerequisite. There is, however one exception; the need for some form of P3O® or Portfolio Office model (either physical or virtual) that provides portfolio information to senior management is mandated. Where required, we can combine this briefing with an overview of P3O® (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices).


The benefits of using this method include:

  • Greater financial benefits and measurable contribution to strategic objectives
  • Removal of redundant and duplicate programmes and projects
  • More efficient resource utilization
  • Enhanced transparency, accountability and corporate governance
  • Improved engagement and communication between relevant stakeholders.

Course Approach

The Foundation level is a mixture of input and practical sessions teaching to the APM Group ‘Foundation-level’ syllabus, delivered by an APMG approved trainer with practical experience of project and portfolio management. The course incorporates the APM Group Foundation exam, but includes additional focus on the application of the method using application-level tasks in order to add value and help you understand how to apply the concepts of MoP®, as well as be better prepared to take the Practitioner-level exam. The Foundation exam is taken near the end of the last day, after all of the MoP® elements have been sufficiently covered. You should spend approximately 10 hours pre-study in order to be well prepared for the course.

During the Practitioner course, you will have the opportunity to try out the application of your existing MoP® knowledge to a typical scenario and objective tests. The course consists of practical sessions, delivered by an APM Group approved trainer with practical experience of portfolio, programme and project management. This course guides the application of MoP®, it is not intended to provide grounding in the guidance itself, which would have been covered in the Foundation course and exam.

MoP® Foundation Exam:

40 Minutes, closed book, 50 multiple-choice questions

MoP® Practitioner Exam:

The Practitioner Examination takes 3 hours and consists of 4 main questions. Each main question will comprise 4 to 6 part questions. Each main question will be awarded a maximum of 20 marks, giving a total of 80 marks. You need to achieve 50% (40 marks) to pass this paper. MoP® Practitioner Exam: The exam is an ‘open-book’ examination. You may make use of the Management of Portfolios manual only. No other material can be used.

Aim & Objectives

Course Objectives

The key objectives of this course are to enable you to understand:

Foundation level

  • Knowledge of the MoP® guidance
  • Understand the benefits and principles underlying the approach to the Management of Portfolios
  • Contribute and communicate effectively with colleagues working within portfolio management
  • Apply the MoP® principles within an organisational context

Practitioner level

  • To provide an overall understanding of the principles and practices in MoP® that enable you and organisations (large or small) to successfully introduce or re-energise Portfolio Management approaches.
  • To understand the strategic context of portfolio, programme and project management.

Course Content

Course Content

Foundation level

An overview of the Management of Portfolios Guidance that includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to the MoP® Guidance.
  • An introductory session to set the scene.
  • The MoP® Principles, along with the Portfolio Definition and Portfolio Delivery life cycle practices will be identified and briefly explained.
  • The benefits of introducing MoP®.

MoP® Principles:

Senior Management Commitment; Governance Alignment; Strategy Alignment; Portfolio Office; Energized Change Culture.

MoP® Portfolio Definition Life-cycle:

Understand the Portfolio scope; Categorize change initiatives; Prioritize change initiatives based on agreed measures; Balance the Portfolio in terms of timing, risk, resource, business impact and contribution to strategic objectives; Plan – create a portfolio strategy and delivery plan.

MoP® Portfolio Delivery Life-cycle:

Management Control; Benefits Management; Financial Management; Risk Management; Stakeholder Engagement; Organisational Governance; Resource Management.

Practitioner level

This course covers exam topics relevant to the MoP® Practitioner syllabus, including the following:

  • Introduction to Preparation for the Practitioner Examination
  • Examination Format and Question Styles
  • Examination Procedure; Strategy; Hints & Tips

Typical topics for preparation and individual practical work include:

  • MoP® Strategic and Organisation Context
  • MoP® Principles
  • MoP® Portfolio Management Cycles and Roles (Definition Cycle & Delivery Cycle)
  • MoP® Portfolio Management Framework

The actual topics covered may be varied by the Event Manager to reflect current and topical examination questions and to reflect the needs of the delegate group. The Practitioner Exam will be held towards the end of the course.

“Our MoP® courses are offered in association with SPOCE Project Management Ltd”.
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Video Testimonials

The course will be delivered by an APM Group approved trainer with practical experience of portfolio, programme and project management.

Client Testimonials

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  • Name: Scott SellarsCompany: More on

    APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) course review

    I completed the PMQ course through IPSO FACTO and they were a pleasure to work with from the moment I first made an enquiry. Every piece of course administration was made simple for me and the classroom facilities were just perfect. The course instructor was professional, knew the subject very well and focused our learning in a practical way to help put it into perspective. Overall, a very professional experience and I would recommend IPSO FACTO as a quality training company. Thank you. [Scott Sellars]

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  • Name: Simon M.Company: Career Change

    PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course review

    I attended the project management qualification in December (having already attended the PRINCE2 course in November). Although a challenging subject, I found that the training was engaging because there was adequate time to not only listen but to also give examples and hear examples from other individuals from the class. This aids to help people’s understanding or misunderstanding in some cases and help breakdown the subject into easier chunks. It also helps that IPSO FACTO have in my opinion some of the most experienced instructors in the country, meaning that if you just don’t get something they bring their personal experience into the story to help your understanding. Simon M.

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  • Name: Chelsea B.Company: More on

    APM PFQ (Introductory Certificate) course review

    The PFQ (APM IC) was for me a good introduction into understanding the ‘Project Management’ world better. It helped me to identify areas and processes that I am not yet familiar with but I now have more confidence in tackling. Passing this course has further confirmed that I do want to go on to study for the APMP qualification. Chelsea B.

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