Resilience and Stress Management Workshop

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Price (ex vat): £280

    PrintDURATION: 1 day
    TIME: 09:30 to 16:30 GMT

    You who would like to develop your own levels of resilience and reduce the risk of stress from your workplace.
    Discounts for groups. Training options available - contact us for more information and additional course dates.

    About Resilience and Stress Management Workshop

    Resilience and Stress Management

    Personal resilience is the ability to cope with extreme stress-provoking events without experiencing any personal stress signs or symptoms. Resilience training can help build personal resilience to withstand such events without developing stress-related problems.

    Having personal resilience can also help you succeed in the face of adversity – to push on rather than to give up.

    The webinar covers topics such as learning from mistakes, dealing with failures, workload pressures and how to be proactive, dealing with set-backs, a look at how resilient people tend to view things and deal with them and how a change of perspective can make a significant difference to a situation.  By enhancing personal resilience, there is likely to be a reduction in the risk of stress.

    Key Benefits

    • Understand what resilience and stress are, how to enhance personal resilience and reduce the impact of stress.
    • Ability to recognise whether a reaction to something is emotional or logical and how that may affect the reality of the situation.
    • Increased self-awareness and personal empowerment – delegates will learn to self-manage their physical, psychological and emotional health.
    • The ability to re-frame situations or change a perspective, creating a sense that some things are not as much of an issue as how we may initially perceive them to be.
    • The ability to cope with more pressurised or stressful situation through the use of tools and techniques.

    Who is this for?

    You would like to develop your own levels of resilience and reduce the risk of stress from your home or workplace.

    Training Options

    An interactive workshops in a live online environment from home or work.

    An onsite workshop with other members of your company organised by your training administrator.

    1 to 1 Personal Online Workshops. Please contact us for details.

    Group Discounts

    Discounts apply to both onsite and online environments. Travel and Accommodation charges may apply if the onsite location is outside Hampshire.

    For groups of up to 10 members of staff: £975+vat per course.


    You will learn to become more resilience in the face of challenging situations and reduce and manage the risk of workplace stress, thereby improving your well-being and mental health.

    Course Objectives

    By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

    • Explain the meaning of the word ‘Resilience’ and what it means to be resilient.
    • Learn how to develop your own resilience and help others (or those they manage) to do the same.
    • Evaluate the reality of a situation and use tools and techniques to approach things from a more logical rather than emotional viewpoint.
    • Explain what stress is and the causes and remedies for stress.
    • Develop your own levels of personal awareness and empowerment in order to take responsibility and control of their own mental health and well-being.
    • Use coping strategies for dealing with stressful situations.
    • Understand the differences between pressure and stress.
    • Identify symptoms that may lead them to become stressed.

    Resilience and Stress Management Course Content

    An overview of the meaning of the terms ‘Resilience’ and ‘Stress’ and how one can impact upon the other.

    Self-reflections on how we deal with adversity, failure and setbacks and why some people appear to deal with things a lot better than others.

    The importance of resilience, how to be more resilient and the tools and techniques for developing it.

    How to achieve a more resilient mind-set and gain strength for challenging situations.

    The roles that optimism and realism play in developing resilience.

    Identifying our personal causes of stress and how we the influence the effects in a proactively.


    Resilience and Stress Management pre course video

    Watch this short video covering elements of the course: Resilience and Stress Management

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Content

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