Time & Energy Management

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Price (ex vat): £47
PrintDURATION: 30 days

Coaching for staff: This is a great tool to empower staff, it can encourage their self-development, career journey and improving job satisfaction, confidence, wellbeing, fitness or health. Coaching is now acknowledged as one of the most effective professional development interventions. It enables the person to find focus, improve performance and become solution focused - excelling your staff and business performance.

Coaching for individuals: Coaching enables an individual to identify what they want and formulate a focused strategy to get there. Coaching helps a person to learn about their strengths, find courage in their convictions and keep on-track. Whether it’s just one session or a year long partnership, coaching will enable a person to get a fresh perspective on their current situation and combine the right motivation and plan to success.

About Time & Energy Management

How to find more time and energy in 30 days from £47+VAT. Enjoy the flexibility of learning at a time and pace suitable for you.

This course tackles the key challenges to our time and energy and teaches tools to manage them more effectively. It will help you prioritise what is important to you both at home and at work so you can feel focused, in-control and generally happier.

Key Benefits

This step by step guide typically delivers a range of tangible benefits including…

  • Improved clarity – Pin pointed what is most important to you, a focus for success and then implement the right work/life balance.
  • Improved efficiency –  Identified and stopped time and energy drains.  Utilised support networks to help manage workloads, play to your strengths and be more effective.
  • Increased happiness – By implementing time and energy management habits and reducing the number of negative experiences you will significantly improve your outlook and find more joy in every day.

Target Student

This course is ideal for anybody who feels tired, sometimes overwhelmed and that there is never enough time; they feel out of control, in need of direction and ready to make a change. It is suitable for individuals at any level.

The Training

This online course is designed to be followed over 30 days, that’s just 5 mins a day.

Course Includes

  • Step-by-step videos
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Email access to the instructor

Aim & Objectives


The course will help you identify and overcome personal habits and external influences that hold back your productivity and happiness.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Clarify your time and energy drains
  • Work out what is truly important to you and make that your priority

Learn how to:

  • Reclaim your time and energy quickly
  • Stick up for what you want
  • Find more balance and take the pressure off
  • Identify existing and potential support
  • Boost your vitality – energy, happiness and spirit
  • Implement healthier habits
  • Feel happier and more in-control
  • Have more time for you!

Course Content

How to thrive, not just survive

This 30 day plan will guide you through what is draining your time and energy and give you easy, digestible ways to take action and make big changes for yourself.

Getting started

  • Find focus – Identify your current mindset  and what you truly value
  • Access how you’re currently spending your time
  • Get clear on what will bring you a happier lifestyle

Taking Action

  • Learn and action 10 tools and techniques that will help you reclaim your time and energy and be more productive
  • Stick up for what you want, be confident to say no
  • Find a better balance and take the pressure off
  • Identify support
  • Feel happier and more in-control
  • Have more time for you!

Fuel your time

  • Learn way to boost your energy
  • Implement healthier habits

Video Testimonials

Sarah M

Loved it! Beautifully bite-sized and really motivating.

This course is delivered in bite size chunks which, given it is aimed at people that are just too busy, is spot on! It means you can do a little segment here and a little segment there, never needing to devote huge amounts of time in one go, and also giving you time to mull things over in between. I loved how much this course made me think and re-analyse the way I spend my time and what is and isn’t important to me, and I found the 10 tools for how to find more time and energy really useful, I am going to be putting them into practice and I feel like I will definitely be getting more control of my own time. Very happy!

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