Microsoft Visio Introduction

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    TIME: 09:00 to 16:00 GMT

    Learn how to create professional business flow diagrams, organisational charts and much more using simple shortcuts and the vast functionality of Visio. If you have a specific requirement please let us know before the course, and we'll aim to give you guidance and support in its creation.

    About Microsoft Visio Introduction

    Microsoft Visio with online capabilities for easy access to your diagrams

    Learn useful skills and shortcuts while creating several types of diagrams using Microsoft Visio. You’ll create a process flow diagram with dynamic connectors, hyperlinks, shape properties and much more. As you create these drawings, you will learn techniques to drag and manipulate Visio master shapes, create connections between shapes, and apply styles to shapes, text, and pages. You’ll also learn how to create printed outputs and published interactive browser outputs using Office 365.

    Target Audience:

    This course is perfect for anyone who works in HR, Management, IT, Project Management, Office re-location, Design and Construction. You’ll need to be familiar with the Microsoft environment.

    Course Includes:

    • Refreshments
    • Visio training manual
    • Post course training downloads
    • Certificate on completion
    • Post course support relating to course content

    What new in Visio 2016

    1st March 2017. With Office 365 almost everyone can use Visio online, so your team, no matter where they are working can share and view your diagrams in high fidelity from almost any device using almost any browser.

    1st May 2017. There is a new feature called a data visualizer that automatically converts process map data in Excel into data-driven Visio diagrams. This update is for Visio Pro for Office 365 users.

    More Visio info from the Microsoft Blog.

    Also, watch the video on our video page of the new up dates from Microsoft.

    Aim & Objectives


    To be confident using the many tools and shortcuts to create effective business drawings.

    Course Objectives

    By the end of this level you will be able to:

    • Identify the various types of Visio drawings
    • Create and edit a professional flowchart
    • Create and edit a dynamic organisational chart
    • Create and employ your own shapes
    • Learn shortcuts to create accurate drawings
    • Save Visio drawings to be used interactively by other users

    Course Content

    Overview of Visio’s latest features

    Create a new file – Change View settings – Navigate Visio – Additional Stencils – Techniques for selection – Scaling and resizing objects

    Using Visio

    Drawing tools – Create closed shapes – Create open shapes – Draw compound lines – Precision drawing – Duplicate objects – Align objects perfectly – Distributing objects perfectly – Connect shapes – Rotating objects

    Create a basic Flow diagram

    Flow chart tips – Understanding master shapes – Placing shapes – Connecting shapes – Text features – Add text to shapes – Adjusting text blocks – Format text/text blocks – Use the Format Painter – Format lines – Use Dynamic Connectors

    Using templates

    Save as a template – Open a template to edit

    Manage Foreground/Background pages

    Create background pages – Editing a background – Create foreground pages – Assign pages to backgrounds

    Print Flow diagrams

    Print setup options

    Manage Object Properties

    Edit object properties – Copy object properties to be used in a browser

    Manage Hyperlinks

    Create a hyperlink between shapes – Create a hyperlink across pages – Create an external hyperlink

    Saving Visio Files

    Save as a Visio file – Save as a HTML file – Save as a GIF/JPG

    Video Testimonials

    Some of the new Visio features from Microsoft

    If you think Visio is a simple drawing tool, think again.

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