Questions about our Drone course

Posted on: 4th December 2018

Questions with answers

Question: When I enquired about the course I was told that my Dji Mavic Air was the minimum standard of aircraft required, which is good as this is the model that I have. My concern is that while I’ve been looking into what is involved on the course, I’ve seen that part of the practical flight test is to be conducted in Atti Mode. Is this correct, as the Mavic Air doesn’t appear to have this facility?

Answer:  There is a Flight Assessment standard for drones both with and without Atti mode.  For drones that can’t be manually selected into Atti mode (e.g. the Mavic Air), there are a couple of additional manoeuvres to fly.  These are detailed in the Flight Assessment Guide in the online learning portal.

Question: If I get my rotary licence first. How can I then get a licence for my fixed wing drone?

Answer: You’ll need an additional flight assessment for the fixed wing aircraft. Your flight assessment pass certificate will then include an additional category for you to operate both aircraft. Currently our price for an additional flight assessment is: £215+VAT if conducted within the same time slot as the 1st flight assessment but £250+VAT if conducted at a later date.