Posted on: 9th June 2015

It’s a common question posed if your considering a formal qualification in Project Management. With two main accrediting bodies to choose from namely Axelos for “PRINCE2® ” and the APMAssociation of Project Management – “APMP”, its important that you have all the information necessary to make the right decision. The following information will help you decide which course to choose.

Some of the key differences between APMP and PRINCE2 are detailed in the table below.


The APMP syllabus addresses 73 assessment criteria from the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition. Current PRINCE2 Practitioners will only have to cover 47 assessment criteria.

Assesses your breadth of knowledge in all areas of project management, from the strategic and commercial implications of the role, to the technical, commercial, organisational and people management skills required to successfully participate in a project team.

The exam lasts 3 hours in which you must answer 10 questions from a selection of sixteen. If you hold a current PRINCE2 practitioner qualification then you have an option to sit a 2 hour paper, answering 6 questions from 10.

The exam is closed book.

The questions require essay based answers, providing either lists, descriptions, explanations or calculations.


The PRINCE2 syllabus addresses 10 topics, covering all of the Principles, Themes, Processes and the tailoring of PRINCE2.

Assesses whether the candidate could apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a non-complex project within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

The exam lasts 2.5 hours, in which you must answer all 8 questions.

The exam is open book. You’re allowed access to your own copy of the PRINCE2 manual.

Uses objective test questions which require you to choose a response to a question from a set of choices, only one of which is correct.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams

Total exams: 2
Foundation exam on Wednesday afternoon. 1 hour
Practitioner exam on Friday morning. 2.5 hours
Training duration: 4 days
Exam style: multi-choice
Exam results received within 10 days
If you fail the Practitioner you can always say you’ve got the Foundation level, then re-sit the Practitioner as soon as possible.

The PRINCE2® Practitioner is at the same qualification level as the APMP.

Cost: £995 plus vat

PRINCE2® is a widely recognised Project Management Qualification.

APMP exam

Total exams: 1
APMP exam on Friday afternoon. 3 hours
Training duration: 4 days
Exam style: Hand written answers using “List, Describe, Explain” to answer questions.
Exam results received within 10 weeks; but it can be more.
If you fail the exam, we recommend you re-take the exam as soon as possible.

Cost: £1,299 plus vat

If you are a qualified PRINCE2® Practitioner there is an APMP course for PRINCE2 Practitioners with the option to take a shorter exam.

Cost: £1,150 plus vat

APMP is a widely recognised Project Management Qualification.

Julia Gosse and Simon Dove have delivered PRINCE2 and APMP courses with great success for many years.