Parking at IPSO FACTO [Forum 3]

Access to Parking guide


Entering between 8am to 6pm

1. Slowly approach the barrier.

2. Press the intercom button to talk to reception. Inform them that you are visiting IPSO FACTO and require access to park. Reception will open the barrier.

3. Once you have passed through the barrier it will automatically close.

4. Please park in a space coloured blue on the image below, labelled REGUS. There are also two spaces coloured Red for disabled parking at the front of the building.

5. Motorbikes will be able to get access around the barriers and are not permitted to ride under the open barriers.

6. Once the car park has reach its capacity the barriers will not allow any further vehicles in unless manually over-ridded via the intercom.

7. If you have difficulty contacting reception via the intercom please call IPSO FACTO on 01489 588453

Parking Guide

IPSO FACTO visitors. Please park in the parking spaces coloured blue, or red for disabled parking.

Regus Parking 2017


1. Once your vehicle has approached the barrier it will automatically lift.

2. When exiting, it is key that the barrier closely fully until the next vehicle approaches the loop. The barriers do not have automatic sensors and should you tailgate at any time the barriers will not stop until they have fully closed or hit an obstruction.

3. Barriers will be closed during all times to correctly reflect the car park counts.

4. Motorbikes are not permitted to ride under the exit barriers, however will be able to exit around the barriers.

5. An intercom is located on the exit should any issues arise.

Out of Hours

1. Visitors can press the intercom which will connect to an external security control room that can permit and control access.