Complaint Policy

Complaint Policy

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint relating to IPSO FACTO and its trainer/consultants you should first attempt to report your complaint at the earliest opportunity to your trainer and give them a chance to provide a solution. If this is not appropriate or you are not satisfied with the trainers solution then report to:

Training Manager: Jean Campbell – 01489 588453 or at the earliest opportunity.

Jean will attempt to resolve your complaint within 1 hour from receipt of the communication. If the complaint is such that it needs to be escalated to the Training Director, “Tim Whitaker” then a response by the Training Director will be given by phone or email within 48 hrs from the receipt of the initial complaint.

Complaint Form

You will be sent a link via text or email to complete an online complaints form, which you can complete using a computer or mobile phone. We will acknowledge receipt to your complaint via email once your complaint form has been submitted to our online systems.

We will actively seek to resolve your complaint within 48 working hours from receipt of your complaint form.

Complaints against an individual Trainer/Consultant are treated with the utmost seriousness and their accrediting bodies will be notified of complaints against them.