ELCAS Funded Training and how to Claim

ELCAS funded training and how to claim

claim ELCAS funding with IPSO FACTO Hampshire

Claiming ELCAS funding can be a simple and fairly quick process if undertaken correctly. You’ll need all the information listed below to make your claim. If you have any questions relating the any of the courses, dates or costs please contact IPSO FACTO: mail@ipsofacto.uk.com or 01489 588453.

Step 1 Choose the project management courses before claiming your ELCAS funding.
Step 2 Choose the course dates and note the IPSO FACTO provider number: 4030
Step 3 Once you have confirmed with us your chosen course bundle, we will email you the discounted cost for you to use during the claim.
Step 4 Using your confirmation email from IPSO FACTO, upload it with your claim “about step 6 in the claim form” for proof of your discount.
Step 5 The discount should now be applied to your claim.
Step 6 Once you have your CAN please email it to IPSO FACTO as it now confirms your place on your chosen courses.

Note: When submitting the courses into ELCAS the courses are calculated using the “full” ELCAS list price. The email you submit in step 4 will be used to calculate your discounted contribution, so its important that you follow the steps correctly.

Step 7 On receipt of your CAN we’ll invoice you the calculated contribution that you must make before course materials are dispatched.
Step 8 Payment is received. IPSO FACTO email pre-course learning links and dispatch course materials to your home or work address.
Step 9 A Teams invitation is sent to your specified email address the week before the start of the course.


Claim ELCAS funding for Project-Management-qualifications

Resources to claim ELCAS Funding

The following information is found on the ELCAS website. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, your SSR, ELCAS or Education Staff.

Enhanced Learning Credits Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about your ELCAS funding have a look at the questions and answers on the ELCAS website.

Claim ELCAS Funding and related Questions and Answers

What is an ELCAS bundle? ELCAS break some qualifications down into Foundation and Practitioner levels. So when you book a PRINCE2 course for example it comes with both Foundation and Practitioner qualifications. In total you may have up to four qualifications in your bundle.

Does it matter which qualification I start first? Generally no but in every case the Foundation part of a qualification must always be completed and passed before you are allowed to take the Practitioner exam. Where there are benefits starting one qualification before the other, we’ll let you know, so you can make the decision.

What if I start the first qualification but don’t have time to start the second? No problem, you can take your second qualification when you have time. If you need to reschedule any course, please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone. However, we’d like you to complete both qualifications within 18 months of booking.

What if I start the first qualification and decide not to complete the second? No problem, its the policy of ELCAS, that once you’ve started your first qualification, they will honour the agreement with the training provider.

Is it possible to claim a refund on part of a course, or a course that I didn’t take? No. Before claiming your CAN please be certain that project management is right for you.

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Contact your SSR to claim ELCAS funding and confirm your options. Ensure you know which courses and dates you want. You’ll also need our ELCAS provider number 4030. Claiming ELCAS funding can be a quick and simple process, but you need to get it right first time otherwise it could delay your claim. Please use the links above to fully understand the requirements of ELCAS.

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