Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator workshops Workshop

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Price (ex vat): £800

    PrintDURATION: 4 days
    TIME: 09:00 to 16:30 GMT

    Our expert trainer will guide you through the many features of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator to achieve amazing results. Book a single course or all three. Discounts for groups.

    About Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator workshops Workshop

    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator user workshops

    Learn how to create beautiful graphics, photos and art on desktop and iPad using Adobe Photoshop.

    Learn how to create page designs and layouts for print and digital media using Adobe InDesign.

    Learn how to create precise designs, Illustrations and vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

    This is a very practical hands on course.

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Aims

    To create professional images and documents using Adobe software

    Course Objectives

    By the end of your course you will be able to:

    • Confidently work in the Adobe environment and create professional images and materials.

    Course Content

    Adobe Photoshop Essentials – 1 day

    Crop to Size & Straightening an Image – Colour Mode & Resizing an Image – Saving Images

    Enhancing Images

    Levels/Curves/HSB – Sharpen/Reduce Noise – Dodge/Burn – Adjustment Layers

    Touch Up Tools

    Clone/Healing/Spot Healing – Content Aware & Red Eye

    Selections & Cutouts

    Selecting Tools & Inverse Command – Using the Magic Eraser – Using the Background Eraser – Select & Mask

    Applying Effects

    Replace Colour – Using the History Panel & Brush – Colourizing a B/W Image – Converting to B/W

    Working with Layers

    Overview of Layer Basics – Layer Masks from Brushing – Blur & Sharpen – Fills and Gradients – Creating a New Canvas – Adjustment Layers – Clipping Layers


    Adobe InDesign Essentials – 1 day

    Text Formatting

    Document Setup • Allowing for Bleed • Typing & Inserting Text • Glyphs (Symbol Characters) • Character Formatting • Paragraph Formatting • Tabs & Indents • Bullet Paragraphs • Paragraph Styles

    Page Layout

    Working with Columns • Linking Text Frames • Text Frame Options • Adding Tables

    Adding Images

    Placing Images • Image Manipulation • Removing Backgrounds • Image Effects • Text Wrapping

    Applying Colour

    Adding Borders to Boxes • Working with Colour • Applying Gradients

    Working with Pages

    Adding Pages • Setting Up Master Pages • Page Numbering • Section Numbering

    Printing the Document

    Printing the Booklet • Creating Custom Documents

    Prepare for Output

    Preparing for Print • Preparing for Digital Distribution • Converting to PDF


    Adobe Illustrator Essentials – 2 days

    Illustrator Interface – Creating Basic Shapes – Bezier Drawing – Using Pathfinder – Using the Knife, Sizzors and Eraser Tools – Path Outlining – Offset Path Command – Fills – Colour/Gradient/Patterns – Clipping Masks

    Applying Stroke Styles – Working with Text – Text Along a Path – Outlining Text – Distorting with Envelopes – Adding Perspective with 3D Rotate – Power Rotate – Applying Effects – Adding Opacity – Graphic Styles – Saving

    Guides & Grids – Align & Distribute – Working with Layers – Multiple Fills and Strokes – Creating Graphs – Blending Shapes – Working with Brushes

    Selecting Objects – Links & Embedding – Working with Symbols – Applying 3D Extrude and Revolve – Live Paint – Image Trace – Isolation Mode – Working with Artboards – Examples & Tasks

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