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Price (ex vat): £699

    PrintDURATION: 6 Months

    PRINCE2® Online | PRINCE2 CBT | PRINCE2 eLearning training from £649+VAT. Enjoy the flexibility of studying at a time and pace suitable for you. PRINCE2® exam results from online self study are generally more successful than classroom based training.

    About PRINCE2® E-Learning – online CBT

    PRINCE2® Learning Options

    PRINCE2® Foundation eLearning + Exam


    You will be given access to the highly successful PRINCE2 online portal to study at your leisure, but within a 6 month license period and take the Foundation exam online. All material you require for your studies will be online. The PRINCE2 manual is not required for the Foundation level.

    For those candidate wishing to proceed to take the Practitioner level and exam, the following costs apply:

    • Within the original 6 months licence period: £384+VAT – this includes: the Official PRINCE2 Manual and Practitioner exam fee.
    • Not within the original 6 months licence period: £683+VAT – this includes further access to the on-line material, the Official PRINCE2 manual and Practitioner exam fee.

    PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner eLearning + Exams + Official Manual


    You will be given access to the PRINCE2 online portal to study for both Foundation and Practitioner levels at your leisure, but within a 6 month license period. You will take both Foundation and Practitioner exams online. You must pass the Foundation exam before you can take the Practitioner exam. The PRINCE2 official manual will be posted to you.

    PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner eLearning + Exams + Official Manual + 1-day Exam Workshop


    This option includes everything from the option above, but also includes a one day classroom based exam workshop with a professional PRINCE2 trainer.

    To book your exams and optional revision event you will need to call us on 01489 588453

    What’s included in the course?

    PRINCE2 online contains the following:

    • 12 modules each with interactive lessons
    • Video’s for each lesson
    • Notes to support each lesson and references to the PRINCE2® Manual (for Practitioner level study)
    • Module tests for Foundation & Practitioner directly aligned to the PRINCE2 syllabus
    • Online support forums and chat (online)
    • Exam simulations with feedback for PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams.
    • Interactive exercises
    • “Objective Testing” Practitioner exam
    • Progress reporting

    On-line PRINCE2® exams

    Your exams will be taken on-line using your own webcam and microphone (Valid ID required). This allows you to take the exams in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time without the need for a physical invigilator.

    We require a minimum of 6 days to arrange online exams.

    Benefits of PRINCE2® Online training

    • Flexibility to study at a time, pace and place convenient to you
    • Flexible self-study options
    • Cost-effective option
    • Freedom to access your training from any location
    • PRINCE2® online delegates often achieve a higher exam scores than classroom delegates

    How long should you study?

    Around 20 hours to complete PRINCE2 Foundation and 30 hours study for PRINCE2 Practitioner.  Study is a mixture of computer-based training, reference to the PRINCE2 Manual and documents, plus practical tasks.  You will require between 1 to 6 months to complete your learning.

    You are provided with a 6 months licence to access the PRINCE2 Portal from the date of purchase.  During this period the product is supported to ensure that the content is consistent with the latest syllabus.

    If you need more time, then you can extend the licence and exam as follows:

    • License Extension: Please contact us for the latest costs.

    We strongly recommend you identify a date for completion of the self study.  Revision events and exam dates are available on request. Its important that you confirm your exam date with IPSO FACTO a minimum of 6 days prior to the chosen date.  Failure to attend your confirmed exam event may result in transfer charges being applied (see Terms & Conditions).

    Link to more information about Online exams.
    Link to more information about paper based exams.

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    Extending a licence period

    50% of the original fee to extend beyond the licence period.

    Aim & Objectives


    To learn the PRINCE2 method at a pace suitable to you.

    Training Objectives

    The key objectives of this PRINCE2 Online training are:

    • Understand the PRINCE2 method at Foundation and Practitioner levels
    • Understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2 (principles, processes, themes & tailoring) in a work environment
    • Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
    • To take the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams

    Course Content

    Getting started with PRINCE2 online

    What is a project? Projects vs Programmes; what is Project Management? Why PRINCE2? Reasons why Projects Fail; Addressing Project Failure.

    Introduction to PRINCE2®

    PRINCE2 Structure; The 7 Principles, Themes and Processes; Processes and Themes Integration; Process Model; Tailoring PRINCE2.


    • Starting up a Project (SU)
    • Initiating a Project (IP)
    • Controlling a Stage (CS)
    • Managing Product Delivery (MP)
    • The objectives and context of Directing a Project (DP) process
    • Managing a Stage Boundary (SB)
    • Closing a Project (CP)


    Organisation Structure, Roles and Responsibilities for Project Board, Project Assurance, Change Authority, Project Manager, Team Manager, Project Support

    Business Case

    Outputs, Outcomes and Benefits; Types of Business Case; Benefits Review Plan; Links with the processes. Tailoring.


    Risk Management Strategy; Risk Register, Appetite and Tolerances; Risk Responses; Risk Management; Risk Budget. Links with the processes. Tailoring.


    Project, Stage and Team Plans; Product Based Planning; Estimating; Scheduling; Links with the processes. Tailoring.


    Customer Quality Expectations and acceptance Criteria, Quality Management Strategy; Quality Audit Trail; Project Assurance vs Quality Assurance; Quality Control, Links with the processes. Tailoring.


    Issue and Change Control Procedure; Types of Issues; Change Budget; Change Authority; Configuration Management Strategy. Tailoring.


    Tolerances and Delegating Authority; Management Stages; Project Controls; Event-based and Time based controls; Reviewing and Reporting Progress, Escalating Issues and Exceptions; Tailoring.

    How to approach the exam

    Hints and tips on exam approach; Style of questions; Full Foundation and Practitioner exam simulation with references to the PRINCE2 Manual and interactive adaptive reasoning feedback. All modules include Interactive Tasks, Visualisation Mind Maps, Foundation and Practitioner Exam Simulations.

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