Customise your 365 SharePoint system to meet your Business needs

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Your 365 SharePoint system can be customised to match your business processes and automate reporting. The following table outlines the steps required to customise your system, test its operability and train your staff.

IPSO FACTO has provided tailored Microsoft SharePoint and related application training and consultancy for more than 15 years. Our clients include major government agencies, large corporates and small to medium size companies across the UK.


Basic Logical Structure

Discussion with key members of your staff detailing the following:

  • Site Collections
  • Managed Paths
  • Navigation

1 day
Metadata, content types and document management planning and documenting, security Options for:

  • Managed metadata
  • Content types
  • Standard document library configurations
  • Bespoke library templates
  • Bespoke site templates

The output from this phase will be the framework for the SharePoint Document Management build process.

2 days
Pilot build This phase will include the following:

  • Creation of a single web application
  • Creation of a single site collection
  • Creation of up to 2 additional site collections for 2 departments.
  • Manual building of navigation between the site collections.
  • Creation of up to 3 second level sites in each site collection
  • Creation of up to 5 libraries or lists within each site
  • Creation of up to 10 metadata columns to provide tagging information. This may be either site columns or managed metadata depending on requirements.
  • Creation of up to 4 views on each library or list.
  • Creation of up to 5  library and\or list templates if applicable.
  • Creation of up to 2 document content types ( Client to provide the Word templates as DOTX files)

Creating up to 5 security permissions and groups to ensure data security.

 6 days
UAT and Updates Client to test the Pilot build and document any changes; and then IPSO FACTO to return and make any changes resulting from the test.

2 days

(Possibly 1 day depending on number and scale of changes)

Documentation Compile a document detailing the Intranet build

1 day
End User training documentation Compile a detailed end user training manual for the staff who will be adding content to the system

1 day
End User training Deliver sessions for end users on the above manual

½ day
Power User training Deliver training for site administrators – NON-TECHNICAL staff

2 days
The above list EXCLUDES the following:

  • Branding
  • Any work involving coding or workflow processing beyond the built in workflows provided by SharePoint.
  • Any form development and processing
  • Integration with any third party database systems
  • Creation of a corporate intranet – this is a separate different planning process than a Document Management area
  • Some courses may need multiple deliveries depending on staff numbers

Quotations can be provided for all the above once more detailed information has been provided.