IPSO FACTO Microsoft courses

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IPSO FACTO Training Centre for scheduled courses

Typical Microsoft courses, in this instance using Microsoft Excel.


Our courses include the following:

  • Business professional training focusing on new techniques and efficient ways to work.
  • Post course support including free training downloads to consolidate learning.
  • A fun learning experience delivered by a professional trainer.
  • The knowledge that your course will not be cancelled once confirmed.

On-site training using our equipment

Get a quote for on-site training using our equipment. All you need to provide is a suitable meeting room and we can provide the rest.

Benefits of on-site training:

  • Significant cost savings – it can be as much as a 50% saving on standard rates.
  • Delegates remain onsite – no additional travel/accommodation costs for delegates.
  • Training can be tailored – free bespoke training is available on all IT courses.

Contact us now for a quote: 01489 588453