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Does it feel like you’ve got a Ferrari but you can’t get out of first gear. You know that the tool you’re working with has enormous potential, but you’re struggling with the simple things. In this blog I’ve summarised our Microsoft SharePoint courses into one place where you can view a 30 second video about each course. For more details please click on the SharePoint course hyperlink. If you’re looking for course dates or onsite training please contact us via our contact form.

We’re here to help you get the most out of SharePoint. So if you’re a user or a system administrator having difficulties with SharePoint then please contact us. Lets get out of first gear and see what our Ferrari can really do.

Microsoft SharePoint User – 1 day 

Microsoft SharePoint SuperUser – 2 days

Microsoft SharePoint Designer – 4 days

Microsoft SharePoint Designer Workflow – 1 day

Microsoft SharePoint Business Intelligence – 4 days

Microsoft SharePoint Server – 4 days 

SharePoint Consultancy

We’re here to help you get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint. What ever your job is within the SharePoint system we’re confident that we can help you.

Recent list of SharePoint related clients: DSTL, NATS and Jaguar.