APM Project Fundamentals Qualification support

Please familiarise yourself with the APM qualification paying particular attention to “how to prepare for an APM online exam” video.

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Supporting Resources (apm.org.uk)

Please watch the entire video “How to prepare for an online examination”.

What to expect about your APM exam


APM Rules and Regulations Video (please watch) The video is at the bottom of the page.










£78 Total Cost inc VAT

Failure to carry out the checks well before the exam that result in the exam not being taken, may incur a fee of at least £65+VAT.

Exam Support

Please email jean@ipsofacto.uk.com to book your exam, specifying your preferred date and time. If your chosen date is within 5 days of the exam you will be charged to make any alterations. Changes outside the 5 day window are free of charge. If you have any questions about the exam, discuss them with your trainer or contact Tim or Jean on 01489 588453. We are here to fully support you throughout your time with us.

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Additional Project Management Resources

Praxis is a comprehensive project management resource that given time you should have a look at.