APM Project Management Qualification
Pre-course reading and exam preparation

It’s very IMPORTANT that you read and familiarise yourself with each of the supporting resources accessed via the links below. Each page has links to many additional resources so please explore as much as possible to prepare you for your course. Plan to take between 5 to 6 hours to familiarise yourself with the information below and complete the recommended reading in the APM study guide.

What is the APM Project Management Qualification

Click on the title above and scroll down the page to explore the APM PMQ and check out the supporting resources below.

Online examinations: what to expect

Click on the title above to prepare you for your exam. Its important that you scroll down the page and explore all its content. Also check out the supporting resources that include:

Assessment results enquiry process

Feedback and complaints


Membership and benefits

Company Policies including Safe guarding Policy

Equal Opportunities and Disability; Quality Assurance; Safeguarding; Data Protection; Sustainability, Whistle Blowing and more.

£97+VAT Exam Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee will be charged by the APM if the exam is cancelled within five working days of the exam date. This includes technical issues, failure to complete the pre-exam system checks in good time, postponements and time changes.

APM Project Management Study Guide

You have been sent a Study Guide in the post to be used during the course.

Please read the following to help prepare you for the course:

Page 1: Study planning

Page 7: Study areas – 2.1 Initiating a Project. Also read as much of 2.1.1 Project Environment through to 2.1.7 Stakeholder engagement.