Change Management course preparation

Change Management course

Change Management Course Preparation


Thank you for joining our IPSO FACTO Change Management course accredited by the APMG. We hope you have a great time with us and look forward to meeting you on the course.

Change Management Exams

For all online training using Teams, exams will also be held online, please click on the link below for online exam candidate guidance. Additional details about both exams will be discussed at the start of the course, and referenced throughout.

For face to face onsite training, exams will be paper based. You will receive advice and support about the exams at the start of the course and throughout.

If you suffer from dyslexia or other difficulties, additional time can be added to your exam with written proof from your doctor. Let us know by email at least two weeks before the start of the course.

Course Materials

An official Change Management handbook plus foundation and practitioner handbooks with course slides and sample exam questions and answers plus joining instructions will be sent to your chosen address.

Have a look at the APMG Level Up discussion about Change Management

There are several useful comments about Change Management and Project Management. Don’t hesitate to skip forward through different questions if required.



Change Management course syllabus

Change Management – Syllabus – English v2.0

Change Management Online Exams

Your online exams will be booked by IPSO FACTO and an email sent to you via APMG for you to register your exam. The exam proctor will be either your trainer or a member of the IPSO FACTO admin team. This will be confirmed to you at the start of the course. Please read the guidance below.

Candidate Guidance – Online Exams – v2.0 – Nov2021 – English

The guidance above gives reference to Praxis but is relevant to all APMG qualifications.