PRINCE2 Course Materials

PRINCE2® Course materials

Step 1: Access pre-course reading materials


Step 2: Access PRINCE2 eBook and Teams Link – 1 week before course start date

IMPORTANT: As a reminder please download the Foundation Quick Reference Guide and Learner workbook to your computer before training begins.

During the course you will also have access to:

IMPORTANT: Its advisable to have all other applications including your email closed during the course to allow your computer and internet connection to be at its most efficient.

ADVICE: Its advisable if possible to have two computers for the course to manage your online materials and participate in the course using Teams.

How to access your PRINCE2 eBook and online course materials

You will receive from PeopleCert (PRINCE2 examining body) an email including a voucher code  with the title “Action required: Register for your exam”, copy or note down your Voucher Code and after reading the Candidate Guidelines follow the steps below to register and redeem your voucher, gain access to your PRINCE2 Handbook and Official Training Material (OTM) as well as registering for your exam. Please don’t book your exam at this point. Your trainer will discuss this with you during the course.

1: Visit

2: Create your PeopleCert Account. If you already have one, please Sign In.

3: Enter the PeopleCert Voucher Code you had copied earlier, to the relevant field at the top of your profile where you can see the option: “Enter the PeopleCert Voucher Code provided”.

4: You will be notified that you may access your PRINCE2 eBook, please note that you may do that under the My eBooks tab.

5: You will also be notified that you have been granted access to the “My Trainings” tab through which you may redirect to the Official Training Material bundled with your voucher. Note: You’ve already downloaded the Official Training Material in Step 1.

6: As a last step, you may schedule your Exam in the Overview tab, but please note that this step is not required and you may schedule your exam at any time within your voucher’s validity date which may be found in the automated email you received with your voucher as well as under your “Overview” tab.

You will gain access to the CANVAS Learning Environment and Official Training Materials upon completing step 5. The CANVAS view is shown below including access to Start course, Modules, Resources and Support. This provides an online copy of your learning materials plus additional resources that your instructor may use during the course.

CANVAS Environment (May not be used during the course)

CANVAS access to Official Training Materials


Day 1 to 4: 09:00 and be ready to start

Day 4: Download the Practitioner “Learner Workbook” ready for Thursday

You may have already downloaded the Practitioner Learner workbook during step 1. Also use the Quick Reference Guide for the Practitioner.

Guide to PRINCE2® Online Proctored Exams

A step by step guide on how to take: PeopleCert exams for Windows  and  PeopleCert exams for Mac OS

PeopleCert ExamShield download options: Microsoft Store or your PeopleCert Account

Candidates taking a PeopleCert PRINCE2 Online Proctored Exam on personal computers have options when it comes to installing ExamShield, the App used to take the exam. You can either download it from the Microsoft Store or download it from your PeopleCert Account when you log in.