Do you have the right skills to be a Project Manager?

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What are the skills required of a Project Manager?

Are you considering project management as a career? Which out of all the project management courses do you choose to start your career. What does it take to become a project manager? Many project management skills and attributes can be self-taught, but only you know whether you have the ability to take on this role and excel in it. The following list from the APM outlines the skills required of a project manager.

The Chartered body for Project Management, outlines the following list of skills for a project manager.

  • Effective at planning, monitoring and reviewing; ♦
  • Manage resources; ♦
  • Motivate and encourage others; ♦
  • Be decisive and able to work well under pressure;
  • Be aware of who the project will affect and manage the effect it will have on them; ♦
  • Command respect and trust;
  • Resolve conflicts;
  • Good problem solver;
  • An understanding of health and safety; ♦
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written; ♦
  • Co-ordinate work carried out by different people and organisations; ♦
  • Work as part of a team and on their own initiative; ♦
  • Control and monitor budgets; ♦
  • Possess good IT skills. ♦

It is also important to:

  • Interested in seeing a project through from start to finish;
  • Enjoy taking responsibility;
  • Motivated by achieving set goals or targets.

Key: skills marked with ♦ are covered with IPSO FACTO courses.

Learn more about the skills required of a project manager by going to the Association for Project Managers website below.

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