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Benefits of Drone Technology for UK Projects

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In our ever changing world we need to keep abreast with new ideas that provide significant benefits to our projects. The technology is useful for: asset inspections, site surveys, mapping / modelling and security services to name but a few. Current aircraft can be fitted with the latest camera technology, and are available to support  projects. Find out how your project can benefit from the use of drone technology.

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The use of drones with onboard equipment and a highly trained operator can provide many obvious benefits for a project. Owners, sponsors, project managers, business analysts need to be aware of the opportunities and benefits available from the use of drone technology.


Drone Asset Inspections

Detailed inspections of assets to determine condition. A fully trained drone team can provide a detailed record of inspection to be downloaded and used for maintenance and reporting. High Definition images can be processed into 3D mesh models of structures, and downloaded for future record.

Other projects that would benefit from a 3D model are:

Drone Surveys

Get the latest photogrammetry of your site. The proposed benefits are: reduced Risks, improved Reporting, accurate Results and an accurate record of Progress.

Drone Mapping and Modelling

The introduction of drone mapping has changed aspects of site surveying and construction monitoring. Data collection is easier, faster and cheaper. The 2D maps and 3D models generated from drone imagery provide an aerial view of your project, but also include a rich set of data that can be measured, analysed and communicated. Uses of mapping and modelling include:

Drone Security

The use of drone technology with night vision cameras can offer a cheaper more effective solution to current security models. Using height and night vision cameras to the advantage, effective site security can be established.


Drone Team

Contact us to discuss how your project can benefit from the use of drone technology. Our experienced drone team have at their disposal a range of fixed and rotary wing drones, with the latest cameras to support you with any of your projects. However, we can also provide training, support and guidance if you want to take ownership of this technology.

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For more information about how your project can benefit from drone technology, please contact:

Tim Whitaker
Tel: 01489 588453
Email: tim@ipsofacto.uk.com