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FAST TRACK Drone and Project Management Courses for Resettlement


ELCAS funded PfCO drone training course with IPSO FACTO

IPSO FACTO and team of professional trainers are pleased to announce that we are the first ELCAS provider to deliver a Diploma in the Operation of Unmanned Aircraft for Commercial Operations. Our first ELCAS course is at Southampton, Solent on 21st January 2019 and we plan to run courses every month during 2019.

Courses will also be available at Manchester starting in June and Oxford an Perth later in 2019.

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS) are used to fund military personnel currently serving or going through resettlement. There are two tears of funding depending on time served. To get the most out of your funding you are allowed to combine relevant courses into a single bundle for that financial year. Below are a list of those ELCAS courses suitable to bundle.


Bundle any of our ELCAS funded courses to get the most out of your funding.

Diploma in the Operation of Unmanned Aircraft for Commercial Operations


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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification


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APM Project Management Qualification


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PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner


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Training with IPSO FACTO provides you with the assurance that you are using an ELCAS approved training organisation (ELCAS ID No: 4030) with an excellent reputation. All our approved, professional trainers are highly skilled in their field, ensuring the best possible learning outcome for all our ELCAS delegates. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our courses and to help you make a successful career transition.



Maximise your full ELCAS entitlement and bundle two courses. Its amazing that during this 5 day course you can be in a position to submit your Ops Manual portfolio to the CAA, via our NQE for £340.


We have successfully delivering training for over 20 years. Read our recent online testimonials: Reviews.co.uk


Reserve a place on our drone course and then complete your ELCAS paperwork.   Book here


Contact your Educational Staff, or the ELCAS Helpline 0845 300 5179.
If you’ve left the Services, go to the ‘Service Leavers’ page of the ELCAS website or contact your Single Service Representative, or the ELCAS Helpline 0845 300 5179.


Q1. Can I combine more than one course?

A1. Yes. IPSO FACTO can combine a number of course titles. This means that you can use your full allowance to book more courses under one claim.

Q2. Are combination courses set or can I mix and match?

A2. You can mix and match to get the most out of your funding.

Q3. Do courses need to run sequentially and be within a set period?

A3. Not necessarily. However, to enable you to get the best benefit from your ELCAS allowances it is advisable to book your courses within the same ELC credit period.

Q4. If I book two courses, is it important which course I take first?

A4. No, but sometimes there are advantages to do so, for example: PRINCE2 before a PMQ. PFQ before a PMQ. Other wise its not important.

Q5. Is it advisable to book accommodation for the course?

A5. If you live within 1 hour’s commute of the training venue it is not necessary to book hotel accommodation for the duration of the course. However you need to allow plenty of time to complete evening homework and consolidate your learning. For ELCAS delegates HMS Collingwood is very close.

Q6. Can food costs be separated from a course?

A6. Yes. We can separate any cost associated with the courses.

Q7. Can receipts for the above be billed to the candidate?

A7. Yes. All invoices can be billed as required

Q8. Can the cost of the combination courses be expanded over a two different ELC credit periods?

A8. Yes. Provided the first part of the combination course is taken in the first credit period and the next course is taken at the earliest convenient time, then there is not a problem.

Q9. What are IPSO FACTO pass rates?

A9. IPSO FACTO’s pass rates are as follows: PRINCE2® Foundation level: 97.5%. PRINCE2® Practitioner 87%. APM PFQ: 99%. APM PMQ 88%.

Q10. Will I get penalised if I am sent on deployment at short notice and therefore need to change course dates?

A10. No. Providing your change of circumstances can be supported by an email or letter from your Commanding Officer.

Q11. Do I have to book courses through the CTP?

A11. No. You can book directly through IPSO FACTO.

Q12. If I don’t book courses through the CTP but use my ECL credits will I get the same price as CTP price lists?

A12. Yes. Providing you are using your ELCAS credits then the prices of all our courses will be the same.

Q13. Where can I find further information?

A13. You can either call IPSO FACTO on +44 (0)1489 588453, email mail@ipsofacto.uk.com
Alternatively, full details can be found by visiting the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services page.