Virtual Classroom training

Live Online Virtual Training: Prepare and Connect

It should only take a few minutes to connect to one of our live online virtual training events using Microsoft Teams. You’ll be sent a link and a time to join an event via an email from IPSO FACTO. Click on the link and choose to either join the event using your browser or if you’re using Microsoft Office choose to download the Teams App. If you’re having problems there is further advice below. You can also watch this video on how to join.

If you don’t have the Teams app for desktop or mobile, download it here: Microsoft Teams Downloads

Virtual training for project management and business skills courses

You only require a home or work computer with a good internet connection to join one of our project management, or business skills courses. For the best experience, ensure your computers camera and microphone work correctly before joining the course. Consider using a headset with a microphone for an even better experience.

Virtual training for IT courses

It’s worth considering, although not essential, connecting to our Teams Virtual Classroom using a spare computer, iPad or mobile phone to follow the course. You can then place the connected device next to your computer and easily follow the instructions from your trainer throughout the course. If you use a phone, please ensure it’s using WIFI and not your mobile network.

Virtual Training

General advice for a better connection

Browser and Software

Prepare and Log on

Contact us

The IPSO FACTO team will be available 30 minutes before your course start time. If you’re having difficulties connecting to your live online training event call us: 01489 588453 or email: