Online classroom training

Online Project Management courses using Adobe Connect


Our online classrooms use Adobe Connect which is an extremely powerful and interactive training tool. Our trainers have delivered virtual classroom training for several years and are very pleased with its performance and feedback. You have the option of downloading Adobe Connect for free or to use your IE or Chrome browser with a Flash add-in.

Note: If you have problems setting up, it could be the security settings on your work computer. We recommend using a home computer or turning off your corporate VPN software.

Steps to connect and test

You will be sent a link via a meeting invitation or email that looks like this:

Click the link sent to you to open Adobe Connect

We recommend to download the Adobe Connect application and press run to continue. If you cannot download the application on a work computer, you may have to contact your IT for help.

Click on the Install button on the Adobe Connect Meetings dialogue box on the image above.

The Adobe Connect application will install on your computer. Press exit once complete.

Click on the Launch Adobe Connect button shown on the previous step.

In the next dialogue box asking, do you want to switch to the Adobe Connect app? Choose Yes

Your computer will now connect to the Adobe Connect servers which may take a few minutes to load.


Select the Meeting menu [top menu] and choose Audio Set up Wizard to check your sound.

Click on the small Microphone icon [top menu] to switch on or off your microphone. Please keep it off unless you have problems and need to talk to the presenter.

Check your data connection status. Reference the image above, click on the green bars [top right].

The best connection option is to connect to your router with a wired connection rather than sharing WiFi with others.

For additional help. Click on Help [top right] and choose Troubleshooting.

Choose to Run a Diagnostic Test and it will check the connection and speed.

On completion, click on the Adobe Connect app on your status bar [bottom of screen] to get back to the meetings screen.

You’re ready to go.