Standard Learning Credits for Project Management training

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Standard Learning Credits for Project Management training and certification

No experience required – 96% pass rate – Save £635

Use your Standard Learning Credits

Our team at IPSO FACTO has more than 24 years experience delivering project management training to business, project professionals and those going through resettlement with the ELCAS scheme. As an accredited APM training provider we’d like to encourage more people into the good practice of project management, that includes valuable skills useful in many areas of business and the armed forces.

We’ve successfully completed many APM Project Fundamentals Qualification courses where candidates used their Standard Learning Credits (SLC) to contribute to the cost of training, course materials and exam. The course has been heavily discounted, so with the SLC contribution it means the cost of the course is well within reach.

This qualification is the first out of four for those wanting to expand their project management prospects to ultimately become a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP).

Standard Learning Credits for project management training

The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is a great starting point

What can you get out of this qualification? You gain many skills in the armed forces that don’t necessarily transfer to civilian life. This training and qualification will give you valuable transferrable skills with an entry level project management qualification.

  • Training Style: Structured and informal with discussions and mini challenges
  • Training Location: Live Online from home or work
  • Requirements: A computer with Windows or Mac OS – preferably a personal computer with a reasonable internet connection
  • Software: Microsoft Teams (Free to download)
  • Course duration: 2 days – 09:00 to 16:30
  • About the course: APM PFQ
  • Includes: Course notes, link to daily recordings, training and support, exam.
  • Online Exam: 1 hour multi choice (taken when you are ready)
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  • Standard cost: £930
  • Cost to you: £295
  • Saving: £635
  • This discount is for MoD personnel only

What does it cost using Standard Learning Credits

Course Title Costs Remarks
APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APM PFQ) training cost




All figures include VAT at 20%


(APM PFQ) Exam cost




Training + exam: £235 and £235 = £470


Standard Learning Credits




Reclaim £175.      £470 – £175 = £295


Total cost to you £295 Standard cost: £930 – Total Saving £635


On passing the exam your APM PFQ Certificate will be emailed to you.

There is a maximum of 14 delegates per course.

Link to the Chartered Institute of Project Management – APM

Get approval to use your Standard Learning Credits for a project management qualification

Individuals must take advice from their local Education Officer to understand the eligibility of using SLC for this course. Then follow the procedure of Applying and Claiming. Please note this should be prior to the starting &/or paying for the course.


  • Prior to committing for the course Complete MOD Form 1950
  • Get Line manager’s approval on the form
  • Submit to your local Education Centre for further approval
  • Once approved individuals can commit to the course


On completion of the course submit Receipt of Payment + Proof of successful completion to your Unit education centre (RN & RAF need to complete and submit refund forms) → Service person’s receive the SLC as part of their pay (depends upon the JPA main cut-off point)

What Project Management Qualification should you consider next

You have a choice of either AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner or PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner. On completion of one or both qualifications then an APM Project Management Qualification is a good next step. The benefit of taking PRINCE2 before the APM PMQ is that you then have a choice of either a 2 hour and 3 hour PMQ exam. Current popular project management qualifications bundles are AgilePM and APM PMQ.

Its not always recommended to take the APM PMQ straight after an APM PFQ without some considerable project management experience. There’s a huge difference between the two qualifications and that’s why we recommend choosing either AgilePM or PRINCE2 as your next option.

IPSO FACTO contact: 01489 588453 or

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