Build a Document Management Area in SharePoint Workshop

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Price (ex vat): £500

    PrintDURATION: 2 days
    TIME: 09:00 to 16:00 GMT

    Embark on a dynamic two-day journey mastering Microsoft SharePoint's document management. This course delves into centralization techniques, ensuring seamless document access and version control. Explore Microsoft 365 integration to boost productivity, and learn to customize designs for a tailored user experience. Our hands-on approach ensures you gain practical skills in building efficient document management areas. Join us for an immersive experience, and leave equipped to create organized, collaborative environments using SharePoint's robust document management capabilities. Your two-day transformation awaits – empower your career with essential skills!

    About Build a Document Management Area in SharePoint Workshop

    Microsoft SharePoint Online: Team Site – Site Owners – Build a Document Management Area

    About the course

    Build a Document Management area in Sharepoint

    Mastering the art of building a document management area in Microsoft SharePoint comes with a treasure trove of benefits. Firstly, it streamlines organization by centralizing documents, ensuring easy access and version control. This skill fosters collaboration, enabling seamless teamwork on shared files. As you delve into SharePoint, you’ll unlock the power of Microsoft 365 integration, supercharging productivity. The customizable design allows tailoring the document management area to specific needs, creating a user-friendly experience. Acquiring these skills not only enhances your professional toolkit but empowers you to create efficient, collaborative, and organized digital workspaces. Dive in, gain proficiency, and transform the way you manage documents!

    Who is the course for

    This is a technical course aimed at users who are managing SharePoint Sites including those supporting others managing SharePoint sites. It will provide an in-depth introduction to role of a Site Owner, including site creation, site structure and access management.


    This course is aimed at those taking on the role of Site Owner of a SharePoint Online site and is classed as a technical course.

    Course Objectives

    • Understand Sites, Site Collections, and Sub Sites.
    • Create and manage Document Libraries.
    • Configure Library settings, versioning, and approval processes.
    • Understand Folders vs Metadata.
    • Organize content with Metadata and Content Types.
    • Understand the SharePoint Permissions Structure.
    • Establish Unique Permissions on Libraries or Lists.


    Introduction to SharePoint for Site Owner

    • What is SharePoint and how does it work with Office365?
    • SharePoint Terminology
    • Best Practice of using SharePoint

    Creating Sites, Site Collections and Sub Sites

    • Site or Site Collection?
    • When & where to create a Site
    • Creating a Site
    • Site Templates
    • Site Themes
    • Apps & the App Marketplace

    Create and Manage Document Libraries

    • Create a Document Library
    • Modify Library Settings and Policies
    • Configure and Manage Versioning, Approval & Check Out
    • The SharePoint Recycle Bin

    Site Settings

    • Customise Site Navigation
    • Customise Site Settings
    • Managing Site Feature

    Reusable Content in Sites, Libraries and Lists

    • Create and use Site Columns in Libraries and Lists
    • Create and use Document Content Types within a Site
    • Create and use Document Sets within a Site
    • Tenant Content Type Hub

    Organising Content with Metadata within a Library

    • Folders vs Metadata – which is best?
    • Adding Content Types to a library
    • Create, Modify and Delete Columns
    • Create, Modify and Delete Views
    • Using Views and Filters for Data Navigation


    • Create a List from a Template
    • Create a Custom List
    • Modify Settings and List Policies
    • Create, Modify and Delete Columns
    • Create, Modify and Delete Views

    Customising Site Permissions

    • Understanding the SharePoint Permissions Structure
    • Add and Remove Users in a Team Site
    • Create SharePoint Permissions Groups
    • Create Permissions Levels
    • Create Unique Permissions on a Library or List
    • Check User Access
    • Remove Custom Permissions


    Empower your skills with our two-day course, “Microsoft SharePoint Online: Build a Document Management Area.” Explore site creation, document library mastery, and advanced customization. Gain hands-on experience in content organization and customized permissions. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to level up, this course offers practical insights for efficient document management in Microsoft SharePoint. Join us for a transformative learning experience, and elevate your proficiency to build and optimize collaborative workspaces confidently.

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Content

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