Build an Intranet with Microsoft SharePoint Workshop

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Price (ex vat): £500

    PrintDURATION: 2 days
    TIME: 09:00 to 16:00 GMT

    Building an Intranet on SharePoint offers key advantages. It centralizes document management, ensuring version control for efficient collaboration. SharePoint's communication tools, like announcements and discussion boards, enhance real-time information exchange. Integration with Microsoft 365 tools boosts productivity, allowing seamless document access and collaboration. The platform's customizable design tailor’s solutions to organizational needs, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Security features safeguard sensitive data, providing a secure digital workspace. Learning to build a SharePoint Intranet empowers organizations with a versatile, collaborative, and secure platform for optimized internal communication and productivity. Come join us on our next course.

    About Build an Intranet with Microsoft SharePoint Workshop

    Microsoft SharePoint Online: Communications Site – Site Owners – Building an Intranet

    About the course

    Build and Intranet in Sharepoint

    Welcome to our 2-day course on Building and Intranet using Microsoft SharePoint. This course is specifically designed for Site Owners who are looking to build a robust and efficient Intranet. Our comprehensive training will guide you through the process of setting up your SharePoint Online Communications Site, ensuring you have the skills to create, manage, and optimize your Intranet. You’ll learn about site collections and sites, working with pages, news, events, quick links, and the Hero Web Part. By the end of this course, you’ll be well-equipped to leverage SharePoint’s capabilities to enhance collaboration and productivity within your organization. Join us for an enriching learning experience that combines theory with practical, hands-on experience. Let’s start building your Intranet together!

    Who is the course for

    The course is aimed at non-technical and technical users who are required to build and maintain an intranet.


    Delegates should have a good depth of knowledge of Microsoft Edge or later.

    Each delegate will need a Communications Site.

    Course Objectives

    • Understand the structure and administration of Site Collections and Sites.
    • Learn how to create and manage Site Pages.
    • Understand how to create and manage News items on the site.
    • Learn how to schedule and manage Events.
    • Understand how to use Quick Links for efficient navigation.
    • Learn how to work with the Hero Web Part to enhance site design.


    Creating and Managing Sites

    • What is a Communications site
    • Creating a Communications site
    • Exploring a Communications site

    Site Navigation

    • Joining a Hub site
    • Global Navigation
    • Mega Menus

    Managing Intranet Permissions

    • Managing Site Collection administrators
    • Site Editors
    • Site Viewers
    • Hub Visitors

    Managing the Site Pages Library

    • Creating and managing columns
    • Creating and managing views
    • Setting a site Home Page
    • Creating Site Pages
    • Publishing web pages

    Managing Images, Videos and Documents

    • Creating libraries
    • Using Stream for videos

    Page Customization

    • Adding Sections
    • Configuring Sections
    • Adding Web Parts
    • Managing Web Parts

    Creating Web Page Templates

    • What is a template.
    • Creating a custom template
    • Using a custom template

    Hero Web Part

    • Adding the Hero web part
    • Web part display options
    • Configuring the web part tiles and layers.

    Working with News

    • Adding the News web part
    • News display options and limitations
    • Filtering News

    Working with Events

    • Adding the Events web part
    • Web part display options
    • Adding Events

    Working with Quick Links

    • Adding the Quick Links web part
    • Web part display options
    • Adding Quick Links

    Creating Site Themes

    • What is a theme.
    • How to create a custom site theme.
    • Uploading a custom site theme.
    • Applying a custom site theme.

    Other Web Parts

    • Bing Maps
    • Weather
    • World Clock
    • Buttons
    • Call to Action
    • You Tube
    • Recent Documents
    • Sites
    • Twitter
    • Organisation Chart


    Join us on a two-day adventure with our Microsoft SharePoint Intranet building course, designed to make digital collaboration a breeze! Discover the joy of creating a workspace where documents flow seamlessly, communication sparkles, and productivity soars with Microsoft 365 integration. We’ll dive into customization, tailoring the experience to fit your organization like a glove. Worried about security? Fear not – we’ve got you covered! Join us and leave not just with skills, but with the confidence to build a friendly, collaborative Intranet. Let’s transform the way you work—two days of fun, learning, and crafting a workspace that works for you!

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Content

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