Microsoft Excel Level 2 – Frequent User

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Price (ex vat): £165

    PrintDURATION: 1 day
    TIME: 09:00 to 16:00 GMT

    This Excel course is our most popular Microsoft product because it includes many time saving tips and techniques. The Excel course includes the latest tools designed to improve your performance when working with data. IPSO FACTO is based at Fareham, between Southampton and Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. However, this course can be delivered live online or onsite across the UK.

    About Microsoft Excel Level 2 – Frequent User

    Microsoft Excel Course

    Microsoft Excel data analysis reporting course

    Our Microsoft Excel frequent user course has a focus on managing, manipulating and analysing data using a range of simple and complex techniques. It also explores the use of more complex formulas in a business environment and includes techniques to simplify what could be complicated. We also investigate visual techniques that can be used to monitor information by users and managers.

    The course builds on shortcuts and techniques learnt during our Level 1 course. The course is structured but informal, and you will be encouraged to ask and answer questions throughout. At the end of the course you’ll be sent useful Excel downloads to support your learning and develop new skills. We currently use Microsoft Excel for this course linked to Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive.

    Is this Excel course for you?

    This course is suitable if you have had formal Excel training at level 1 or you are confident with the content covered in level 1. It is suitable for Office Staff, Finance teams, Managers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Business owners and Executives.

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    Training options

    Virtual classroom using MS Teams: £750+VAT for up to 8 delegates
    On-site: £850+VAT for up to 8 delegates (rates may differ if outside Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire)

    Our Excel course include

    • Training manual
    • Training downloads
    • Certificate on completion
    • Post course support

    Course Aim

    On completion of this course you will have gained improved confidence when tasked to manage, manipulate and analyse business data; create a range of complex business formulas and provide solutions to resolve day to day problems.

    Course Objectives

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Use Conditional Formatting and Range Names to improve your performance
    • Interrogate, Manipulate and Report against business data using (Sort, Filter, Subtotal, Pivot Table)
    • Interrogate tables of data using various IF statements (IF, IF(OR), IF(AND), SUMIFS etc.
    • Link key business data using XLOOKUP and VLOOKUP statements
    • Create and Edit Templates to speed up routine tasks
    • Create and Edit a range of effective business charts including Sparklines and Forecast sheets
    • Use a range of shortcuts to improve speed and efficiency

    Excel course content

    Conditional formatting (Use visual tools to understand data)

    Format Painter rules – Quick Formatting – Clear Formatting – Formatting techniques in Business

    Range names (Simplify formulas and navigation)

    Syntax rules for names – Using Formula AutoComplete – Types of Names – Scope of a Name – Getting the best out of Names

    Data lists (Interrogate, manipulate and report data)

    Single Column Sort – Freeze Panes – Split Box control – Multi-Column Sort – Simple and complex Filters – Subtotals Techniques – Pivot Table Reports

    IF functions (Question data)

    Common mistakes when creating formulas – Validate simple formulas – Create simple and complex IF statements – Nested IF Functions – IF with AND/OR

    XLOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions (Link data)

    Function in detail – Function options – How to use in Business

    Using templates (Improve your efficiency)

    Create simple Templates – Convert an existing workbook to a Template – Chart Templates – Template options

    Professional business charts (Create visual reports)

    Selection techniques – Data structures – Best Practice

    Shortcuts (Time savers)

    Use a range of shortcuts and time saving techniques

    Microsoft Excel & Windows Shortcut and Training Files

    The files below will be used during training to help improve your performance.

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Content

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