Microsoft Teams User Workshop

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Price (ex vat): £195

    PrintDURATION: 1 day
    TIME: 09:00 to 1630 GMT

    Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams in meetings, presentations, training events and much more. It is a versatile App perfect for the office user. Contact us for further details and additional dates.

    About Microsoft Teams User Workshop

    Microsoft Teams for Business

    Our Microsoft Teams course is split into two separate training events based on your need to use its additional features.

    Course A: This course is aimed at those who need get the most out of Teams for daily use, but to also explore the many additional features in Teams in order to deliver a Training event or Presentation.

    Course B: If you don’t deliver Training or Presentations using Teams, this course will focus on the main features of Teams, and how to get the most out of this excellent communication tool.

    Course Pre-requisites

    All delegates require an Office 365 account with the Teams app. Download Teams from the official Microsoft site.

    Which is the right course for you

    If you are using MS Teams as your main organisational, communication and collaboration tool and want to establish best practice techniques for your company.

    There is a maximum of 12 delegates per course.

    Live Online Tutor led training

    This course is perfect to deliver live online with an expert trainer. Delegates can join the course from home or work, in the UK or abroad.

    Discounts for groups

    We offer significant group discounts so please discuss your requirements with us to get the best option for you.

    Courses Includes

    Microsoft Teams is going through regular updates and improvements. We will attempt to include all relevant updates in the course.

    Online training
    Post course support

    Course Aims

    To fully utilise the functionality of Microsoft Teams in accordance with your business role.

    Course Objectives

    • Navigate Microsoft Teams
    • Identify the key elements of the Teams App
    • Understand the functionality of Chat
    • Understand the functionality of Teams
    • Understand the functionality of Channels
    • Use the Teams Calendar
    • Conduct Calls
    • Access Files
    • Advanced users only – explore advanced features

    Microsoft Teams Course Content


    • Brief history of Teams and how it has evolved
    • Describe and understand the functionality Teams offers business

    Teams’ applications

    • Identify applications available to utilise Teams (Browser, Desktop app, mobile apps)

    Initial App config

    • App settings, status, status message, dark mode, start mode, notifications


    • Describe functionality chat offers. Describe business usage.
    • Individual chat
    • Group chat
    • Understand chat icons “sent and seen”
    • Use screen sharing whilst in chat
    • Escalate chat to audio and video calls
    • Share files whilst using chat
    • Pop out chat to separate windows
    • Pin selected chat messages


    • Understand when and how to create Teams (Important)
    • Understand relationship between Teams, SharePoint and Azure AD (Important)
    • Understand team types (private, public, organisational wide)
    • Understand team templates
    • Add and remove team members. Understand team owners and member
    • View and configure team settings
    • Create and configure team tags
    • Delete a team
    • Hide a team
    • Generate a link to a team
    • Add external users (guests)


    • Understand the functionality of a channel (Important)
    • Create a standard channel
    • Create a private channel
    • Manage a channel
    • Pin a channel
    • Mention a channel
    • Utilise and format channel conversations
    • Upload files to a channel
    • Work with documents uploaded to a channel
    • Describe additional functionality that can be added to teams
    • Add & configure Apps to Teams and channels
    • Describe & utilise a selection of apps available that can be added to channels


    • Start an instant meeting
    • Schedule Teams meeting with Outlook and Teams Apps
    • Schedule live event
    • Schedule webinar (when available)
    • Configure meeting options
    • Break out rooms


    • Use Teams as a telephone
    • Add contacts and create contact groups
    • Introduce Enterprise Voice


    • Access files in multiple storage locations
    • Add 3rd party storage

    Advanced (recommended for IT staff only)

    • Configure guest access
    • Meeting policies
    • Chat policies
    • Sensitivity labels
    • Retention labels

    Learn more about Microsoft Teams and the latest updates

    A brand new Microsoft Teams desktop app is coming and it’s web-based (

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Content

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