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Our hugely popular PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner courses require no prior experience in project management. These courses provide successful candidates with a recognised qualification in project management, both nationally and internationally. Courses take place from our Live Virtual Classroom and at our Southampton-Solent classroom venue.

About PRINCE2® Foundation, Practitioner ELCAS funded Live Online / Classroom

PRINCE2® Foundation (3 days) – £999

PRINCE2® Practitioner (2 days) – £499

Total: £1,498 inc VAT

ELCAS provider: 4030

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About the course

PRINCE2 is recognised in many countries around the world, and is particularly well recognised in the UK across many business and government sectors. Its a method that can be used for the majority of projects and can be tailored to meet the size and project complexity. PRINCE2 is a qualification that is required for many jobs in the UK, and that’s not just for the role of project manager. Its because PRINCE2 is a framework that provides a comprehensive hand rail from the start of a project to completion. The course is intensive so you will have to fully commit yourself to the weeks training and also be prepared for evening work. Both foundation and practitioner exams can be taken online when you are ready. We are here to help throughout the whole process so don’t hesitate to ask.


You should prepare to spend approximately 10 hours studying pre-course material in order to be prepared for the Foundation course.

Is this course for you

You’re considering a civilian career that benefits from a project management qualification.

You’re looking for a high level project management qualification that can be used for a wide range of jobs.

ELCAS funding includes

  • Course training
  • PRINCE2 Foundation & PRINCE2 Practitioner Exams
  • Course materials

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PRINCE2 Foundation exam: 1 hour | Closed book exam | 60 multiple-choice questions | Pass mark 33 out of 60 or 55%

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam: 2½ hours | open book (PRINCE2® manual only) | 8 scenario based objective test questions | 38 out of 68 marks required to pass or 55%

Take2 Exam re-sit: You have the option to purchase Take2 before taking your first exam.

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Aim & Objectives

Course Aim

To gain a PRINCE2 qualification to support a new career.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the PRINCE2 method
  • Understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2 (principles, processes, themes & tailoring) in a work environment
  • Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
  • Operate effectively with colleagues and managers when managing projects in a structured project management environment

Course Content

PRINCE2® Foundation & PRINCE2 Practitioner course content

Structured Approach to Managing Projects

Setting the scene for a structured approach to managing all projects; project success criteria; the model of the PRINCE2 method including the integrated elements of principles, processes, themes and tailoring.

The Process-based Approach

PRINCE2 focuses on key processes needed for successful project management which must be present, but may be ‘tailored’ to reflect the complexity, scope and risks faced by the project. Our PRINCE2 Process Model will be used to help delegates understand and appreciate what should be done to manage each project, why it should be done and when in the project lifecycle.

Business Case

What is a Business Case; Outcomes, Outputs, Benefits and dis-benefits; Developing, Verifying and Maintaining the Business Case; Confirming the benefits and the Benefits Review Plan.


Project Management Team Structure and the Project Board, Project Assurance, Project Manager, Team Manager, Change Authority and Project Support roles & responsibilities. Stakeholder management; Communication Management Strategy.


Levels and content of Plans; Exception Plans; Product-based approach to planning – Project Product Description, Product Breakdown Structure, Product Description, Product Flow Diagram; the PRINCE2 planning steps.


Management and Technical Stages. Tolerance and Raising Exceptions. Project Board and Project Manager Controls for Reviewing and Reporting Progress; Baselines for Control; Capturing and Reporting Lessons; Event-driven and time-driven controls.


Issue and Change Control procedure; Configuration Management procedure; Configuration Management Strategy; Baseline, Handling changes; Tracking and protecting products; Change Authority; Change Budget.


Quality Defined, The Quality Audit Trial; Acceptance Criteria, Quality Criteria, Quality Management Strategy, Quality Assurance, Quality Controls and Quality Review technique.


Risk and Risk Management; Risk Management in Projects; Risk Management Strategy; Risk Management Procedure; Risk Budget.

Practical Work

Specially written scenarios and comprehensive sets of related tasks help provide a practical application of the method. Practical work includes creating process models, completing tasks related to specific elements of the method such as how the PRINCE2 themes help to apply the PRINCE2 principles as well as a variety of objective test questions. Many tasks are designed to help delegates ‘link’ the four integrated elements of PRINCE2®; “principles”, “processes”, “themes” and “tailoring”.

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