Project and Change Managers Salaries 2021

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Project and Change Manager Salaries – how do they compare


Project and Change Managers Salaries

Project Management Salaries for different roles

Have a look at the Project and Change managers salaries below. It may help you decide if a career in project or change management is for you. The list below represents the average salary for that specific role which may vary based on the industry sector, geographical location, experience and gender.

Its important to back up any experience with a formal project management qualification and membership of an organisation like the Association for Project Management.

Assistant Project Manager: £33,931

Academic or Trainer: £40,950

Senior Project Manager: £62,716

Consultant Project Manager: £67,151

Portfolio Manager: £73,055

Chief Project Officer: £77,500

Large Projects Manager: £89,643

Project Director: £95,527

Change Management Salaries

Change Manager: £52,767

Head of Change: £96,666

The survey also highlighted a difference in pay for working arrangements

Permanent employees: £50,000

Fixed term contract: £42,500

Temporary contract: £52,500

Freelancer/consultant/self employed: £72,500

Project and Change Managers Qualifications to consider:

APM Project Management Fundamentals

APM Project Management Qualification

Agile Project Management


Change Management

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