IT Service Management FitSM using Standard Learning Credits

Posted on: 29th September 2022

IT Service Management Certification from the APMG

Using Standard Learning Credits (ITSM)

No previous experience required

A light weight IT Service Management approach FitSM

FitSM’s 14 Processes and 69 Requirements

  1. Service Portfolio Management (4)
  2. Service Level Management (7)
  3. Service Reporting Management (3)
  4. Service Availability & Continuity Management (4)
  5. Capacity Management (4)
  6. Information Security Management (5)
  7. Customer Relationship Management (6)
  8. Supplier Relationship Management (4)
  9. Incident & Service Request Management (7)
  10. Problem Management (4)
  11. Configuration Management (6)
  12. Change Management (7)
  13. Release & Deployment Management (6)
  14. Continual Service Improvement Management (2)

FitSM is a serious and practical alternative to ITIL

  • FitSM is significantly quicker to implement in comparison with ITIL
  • FitSM is a more cost effective alternative with open source material available to everyone
  • FitSM has a clear beginning and end. Something that other IT Service Management products lack
  • FitSM is lightweight and ideal for most small and medium sized business’s. Alternatives are over complex in comparison

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IT Service Management FitSM online training course

IT Service Management FitSM Foundation courseAbout the FitSM Foundation Course

What can you get out of this qualification? You gain many skills in the armed forces that don’t necessarily transfer to civilian life. This IT Service Management qualification will give you valuable transferrable skills with an entry level IT Service Management Qualification.

  • Training Style: Structured and informal with discussions and mini challenges
  • Training Location: Live Online from home or work
  • Requirements: A computer with Windows or Mac OS – preferably a personal computer with a reasonable internet connection
  • Software: Microsoft Teams (Free to download)
  • Course duration: 1 day – 09:00 to 17:00
  • About the course: IT Service Management FitSM
  • Includes: Course notes, training and support, exam
  • Online Exam: 30 minutes – 20 multiple choice questions (13 out of 20 required to pass)
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  • Discounted cost: £456
  • This discount is for MoD personnel only

More about  the IT Service Management Qualification FitSM-1 V3

IT Service Management Qualification FitSM using your Standard Learning Credits

Course Title Costs Remarks
IT Service Management FitSM Foundation training and support




All figures include VAT at 20%


(APM PFQ) Exam cost




Training + exam: £336 and £120 = £456


Standard Learning Credits




Reclaim £175.      £456 – £175 = £281


Total cost to you £281


On successful completion of the exam your APMG IT Service Management FitSM Certificate and Digital Badge will be emailed to you.

Get approval to use your Standard Learning Credits for an IT Service Management Qualification

Individuals must take advice from their local Education Officer to understand the eligibility of using SLC for this course. Then follow the procedure of Applying and Claiming. Please note this should be prior to the starting &/or paying for the course.


  • Prior to committing for the course Complete MOD Form 1950
  • Get Line manager’s approval on the form
  • Submit to your local Education Centre for further approval
  • Once approved individuals can commit to the course


On completion of the course submit Receipt of Payment + Proof of successful completion to your Unit education centre (RN & RAF need to complete and submit refund forms) → Service person’s receive the SLC as part of their pay (depends upon the JPA main cut-off point)

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