Top Tips to pass APM Project Management exams

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Top Tips to pass APM Project Management exams

Its important that you understand the course content, but to improve your chances of exam success its equally important that you understand the requirements of the exam. There are links below to official APM documents designed to provide this information. If you have any questions please contact us or ask your trainer. However, the first and most important thing to do is “Watch the Video” below.

11 Top Tips to Pass APM exams

You will be given sample questions during the course to prepare you for your APM exam. Its important that you fully understand the exam requirements of the APM to be fully prepared when the time comes.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PMQ: 1

Plan to choose the best questions that result in success. Read through the questions and select questions from your top subjects. Check the number of questions you’ve selected. If not enough, go through the questions again selecting your next best questions. Check again the number of questions you’ve selected. If still not enough consider questions from your weaker subject, as you may see an easy question in a difficult subject and a difficult question in an easy subject. Check you’ve selected enough questions.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PMQ: 2

Understand how to manage your time. You now have extra time [up to 15 minutes] added to your exam to read and choose exam questions. Its important that you use this time wisely and choose carefully. For the 3hr exam you have 15 minutes to choose 10 questions and then have 180 minutes to answer them with a maximum of 18 minutes for each question.  4 can be broken down into 7 minutes for part a) 20 mark questions and 11 minutes for part b) 30 mark questions. You must plan time allocated to each question and monitor time as you go. Read the APM’s guidance on exam techniques document.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PMQ: 3

Understand how to answer APM exam questions.
Its very important that you practice and fully understand how to answer the APM’s exam questions. You might be an experienced project manager but if you don’t answer the questions properly, you will fail. Read the Hints and Tips for answering questions document.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PFQ and PMQ: 4

Practice answering sample exam questions during the course and get feedback from your trainer.
You should get evening homework with questions relating to the topics covered during that day. Try and answer the questions within a strict time frame. See the APM PMQ sample exam document and APM PMQ annotated sample exam document for guidance.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PFQ and PMQ: 5

Test your equipment and prepare for the APM online proctored exam.
I cannot stress how important it is for you to be fully prepared well in advance of the exam. Test your equipment [computer and phone] for capability and compliance using APM guidelines. Read this blog, watch the video and test the equipment that will be used for the exam.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PFQ and PMQ: 6

Inform your training provider if you have a condition that warrants extra time. Please provide documented proof of any condition that may warrant extra time during the exam. This must be provided and verified by the APM before your exam is booked.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PFQ and PMQ: 7

Book your exam with IPSO FACTO at least 7 days before your chosen date and time.
Once your exam booking falls within 5 days of your chosen exam date and time, you will not be able to change it without incurring an administration cost from the APM. If you book at least 7 days before the exam you’ll have time to test your equipment, iron out any problems and still have a chance to amend the exam date free of charge.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PMQ: 8

You will undertake a PMQ mock exam on Friday afternoon. Use this experience wisely as your trainer will mark your paper and provide valuable feedback that should help you decide when to book your exam. Its highly recommended that you take your exam within 14 days from completing the course.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PMQ: 9

Assume that you’re not answering exam questions for a project management professional, but someone who doesn’t understand project management terminology. So be prepared to explain. Also if you use acronyms, state what they stand for in the first instance.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PFQ and PMQ:

There are some useful additional tips on a timeline to prepare you for your exam. Some of the information is covered above but there are snippets of information that can is also useful. The Preparation Guidance infographic is located near the bottom of the page.

There is also a link to useful FAQ’s and Rules and Regulations at the bottom of this page.

TOP Tips to Pass APM PMQ: 11

Exams take between 5 and 8 weeks to mark and publish, so stay on top of your course material until you have your result. If you were unfortunate not to pass the exam the APM will provide exam feedback. Use the feedback, your notes and recordings to prepare for a second attempt.

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