How to prepare for an APM Online exam

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How to prepare for an APM Online exam

Check out this video that will explain the four important sections of the APM online platform; software and extensions, system checks, what needs to be prepared on the day and the actual exam itself. Please give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your APM PFQ or APM PMQ online exams and watch the video below as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Carry out all checks below “as soon as possible” with the computer equipment you’re going to use for the exam.

What to expect with your Online Exam

Have a look at the entire page including the shared resources on the right of the page.

Online examinations: what to expect (

Watch the Video

It’s important that you watch the entire video as soon as possible.

Online examinations: what to expect (

APM contact details

If you have any questions before your exam, please contact APM Qualifications team at: or call: 01844 271680

Extra Exam time for Dyslexia

Don’t forget to inform us if you require extra time to take your exam. However, you must support your claim with written evidence from your doctor well before your exam is booked. Please advise us and provide evidence at the time of booking your course.

15 minutes additional reading time

From October 2021 and until further notice the APM have added 15 minutes to your exam in order for you to read and select your best questions. Use this wisely.

How to prepare for an APM online exam: What to expect

More APM resources including a check list, webcam and microphone testing, setting up your second device and internet speed.

Online examinations: what to expect (

How to pass and prepare for an APM Online exam

A useful blog by Jackie Martin about preparing for your APM online exam. Also hints and tips on how to pass an APM exam.

How to pass an online Project Management Qualification

Hints and Tips on how to pass APM exams


How to book your Online exam

  1. Email Tim or Jean at IPSO FACTO
  2. State the date and time that you want to take your exam (you can take the exam any time as its recorded and then verified by the exam team).
  3. Confirm which exam you’d like to take if you’re PRINCE2 Practitioner qualified. 2 or 3 hour.
  4. If you require additional time for a medical condition please advise and provide medical evidence.
  5. Confirm that you’ve carried out the tests above, and your equipment and software is exam ready.

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