APM Project Management Exam Help

Posted on: 1st July 2021

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) Exam Help


The APM have provided a very useful set of examination support documents that are now available to download below. Its very important that you understand how the APM want you to answer their exam questions. Your trainer will work with you during the course to guide and prepare you for the exam. You will get evening work each night of the course, with questions covering topics covered that day. There is an awful lot of information relating to this project management qualification, but the information below should really help you understand what the examiners are looking for. This information will be used in conjunction with your training. So don’t be over whelmed by it before the course.

Download and read the documents carefully. Its all about preparation and practice.

APM Project Management Exam

APM PMQ Hints and Tips

This document provides some helpful insights from the APM PMQ examination marker team with general hints and tips on how to answer questions.

Download: APM Project Management Qualification Hints and Tips 2021 v1

APM PMQ Sample Answer

This document provides an insight into the level of depth required in answers, when undertaking the PMQ exam. Examples within this document demonstrate strong passing answers and weak failing answers against 10 questions. These answers are ‘example’ answers and in no way should be used as “model answers” for the APM PMQ exam. We don’t want you to get the impression that there is only one way to answer and score highly within a question. We would like to stress that the strong passing answers and weak failing answers provided are ‘example’ answers and not ‘model answers’. The majority of the example answers were submitted by candidates who have taken the APM PMQ (7th Edition). Some answers have been provided by subject matter experts under exam style conditions. At the bottom of each answer is an indication as to where it came from.

Download: APM Project Management Qualification Sample Answer Document 2021 v1

APM Project Management exam Annotated Sample Answer

This document provides an example of how the APM project management exam is marked. Using sample answers, it demonstrates the marks that were awarded for question 6 with marker commentary. These marks have been agreed independently by two markers and ratified by a member of the Senior Examiner Team.

Download: APM Project Management Qualification Annotated Sample Answer_Question 2021

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