Online Business Forms with MS Forms Introduction

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    TIME: 09:00 to 16:00 GMT

    Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Forms and communicate with your team or general public, in order to quickly capture and analyse their responses.

    About Online Business Forms with MS Forms Introduction

    Microsoft Forms Workshop

    This Live Online Virtual course will provide a good understanding of Microsoft Forms functionality and its use in the real world. With Microsoft Forms you can quickly create surveys, quizzes and polls where the results can be downloaded to Excel for analysis. When a survey, quiz or poll is created; you can invite others to respond using any web browser or device via an email, Teams meeting or embedded on a webpage. Its versatility will enable you to capture and analyse responses from your friends, colleagues or general public.

    At IPSO FACTO we use Online MS Forms for Audits, Course Feedback, Policy Documents, Quizzes and Questionnaires for both internal and external data collection all stored on our 365 online servers with access from any device anywhere by our team.

    The course is very interactive, and if time permits we will discuss your specific requirement.

    Access to MS Forms

    Office 365 Education, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 plans and Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Business licence users and Hotmail, Live or accounts can create up to 200 forms.

    Please check that you have access to the MS Forms App before the start of the course.

    Where to find the Forms App

    Open your Office 365 home page and check your list of apps. Click Explore all apps if you can’t find it.

    Is this course for you?

    You want to quickly and easily communicate with staff or general public, and gain a collective response that you can quickly analyse via Excel.

    Live Virtual Classroom schedule

    Session 1: 09:00 to 10:00 [break 10:00 to 10:15]
    Session 2: 10:15 to 11:15 [break 11:15 to 11:30]
    Session 3: 11:30 to 12:30 [lunch 12:30 to 13:30]
    Session 4: 13:30 to 14:30 [break 14:30 to 14:45]
    Session 5: 14:45 to 15:45 [summarise and close 15:45 to 16:00]

    Courses Includes

    • Online training
    • Post course support

    Connect to Teams for this course

    We use Microsoft Teams for our Live Online Microsoft courses. Find out more.

    Example Course Feedback Form

    Please click on this link to view our course feedback form.

    Aim & Objectives

    Course Aims

    • To understand the features of MS Forms in order to communicate, gain responses and analyse data using Excel.

    Course Objectives

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • To create professional forms for “feedback”, “polls” or “quizzes”.
    • Share forms and collaborate in an email, webpage or Teams meeting
    • Download responses to Excel for rapid analysis

    Course Content

    Microsoft Forms 365 App

    Introduction to MS Forms capabilities

    Create a simple Form including images, Videos and controls

    Create a “time critical” Form for a multi choice exam

    Create a simple Business Form in order to capture audience data

    Use Branching and Sections to control question flow in Form design

    Edit Forms

    Update the Form design

    Share the Form

    View Form responses

    Download Form responses to Excel for Analysis

    Link a Live Form to Excel for instant responses.

    Submit your Form via email or webpage or MS Teams event to internal and external customers to complete.

    On completion of the course content we’ll have time for you to create your own form(s), distribute them to the other course delegates and view their responses.

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