Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) Online

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Price (ex vat): £799.00

    PrintDURATION: 3 days
    TIME: 09:00 to 16:00 GMT

    IPSO FACTO's Power BI training courses will teach you how to manage your company data in an efficient and effective way. This Power BI course offers many benefits in comparison with Excel. If you regularly analyse and report company data you should consider joining this course. The course is aimed at users and Power BI is a free app to download from the Microsoft site. You really must consider Power BI as an important tool to manage and report your data.
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    About Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) Online

    Microsoft Power BI training IPSO FACTO

    Microsoft Power BI Training

    IPSO FACTO’s schedule of Microsoft courses includes the popular Power BI app. This Power BI training course is mainly delivered online but can be taught onsite for groups. In order to make sense out of the huge amount of data available in many business’s, its worthwhile using Power BI as a cutting edge business intelligence tool. In today’s business, data is a lifeline and with the right tools, we’re generating more of it than ever.

    This Power BI training course will help you manage data from a number of cloud-based & on-premises applications and services. You will manage, correlate, and analyze data from a variety of sources through a user-friendly dashboard.

    Is this course for you?

    You’re using Microsoft Excel to manage your company data and present reports but now find it has limitations. Microsoft Power BI will provide a perfect tool for you to link to company data “where ever that may be”, or link to multiple data sources. You can then create steps to clean, filter, delete, manipulate, append data in order to prepare it for the next step. Formulas can be introduced to support data analysis. Slicers can be used to create an interactive analysis of your visualisations. Dashboard reports displaying a range of performance visualisations can be created and published for general or specific members of your organisation to view. Gone are the days of creating weekly or monthly reports for management.


    You should have a good depth of knowledge of Internet Explorer 10.0 or later and be familiar with general reporting concepts.

    You will need to install Power BI Desktop Application on your computer before the start of the course.

    You require access to Power BI in the cloud for deployment, preferably with an account and license:

    Courses Includes

    • Online training
    • Power BI training exercise materials
    • Post course support

    Course Aims

    • To use your Power BI training to link, clean, analyse, report and publish company data from a variety of sources

    Course Objectives

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Link key data sources to Power BI
    • Transform datasets
    • Aggregate, Append, Change data and Relationships
    • Add measures to data
    • Add time based data
    • Add charts and custom visuals
    • Use filters and slicers for a custom view
    • Enhance dashboards
    • Publish and Share dashboards

    Microsoft Power BI course content

    • PowerBI Desktop
    • Loading Data
    • Navigator Window
    • Data Preview

    Data Sources

    • Web Pages
    • File based data
    • SQL Databases
    • OLAP Databases
    • Reusing Data Sources
    • Refreshing Data Sources

    Transforming Datasets

    • Working with columns
    • Working with rows
    • Filtering Data
    • Cleansing Data

    Extending Data Sets and Models

    • Aggregating Data
    • Appending Data
    • Changing Data Structure
    • Relationships
    • Column Sorts
    • Currency Formats
    • Concatenating Data
    • Calculated Columns
    • Using Functions

    Adding Measures

    • Basic Aggregation
    • Multiple Measures
    • Filter Measures
    • Calculating Percentages

    Time based Data

    • Simple Date Calculations
    • Time Intelligence
    • Create a Date Table
    • Previous Period
    • Parallel Period

    Text based Visualisations

    • Tables
    • Matrix

    Chart based Visualisations

    • Basic Charts
    • Donut Charts
    • Funnel Charts
    • Waterfall Charts
    • Enhancing Charts
    • Drill Down

    Enhanced Visualizations

    • Maps
    • Tree Maps
    • Gauges
    • Custom Visuals

    Data Filtering

    • Visual Filters
    • Data Type Filters
    • Text Filters


    • Adding Slicers
    • Formatting Slicers
    • Charts as Slicers
    • Charts as Filters

    Enhancing Dashboards

    • Annotating Reports
    • Adding Shapes
    • Organizing Visuals
    • Exporting Data

    Publishing Reports

    • Publishing to
    • Printing Reports
    • Sharing Dashboards

    Groups Discounts

    If you have four or more members of staff who require a Power BI training course please contact us to discuss group discounts.

    A maximum of 8 delegates per course
    £2,996 for 4 delegates
    £399 for each additional delegate
    Add VAT at 20%

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