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Thank you for choosing the AgilePM qualification with IPSO FACTO. To prepare you for the course and its exams please download and read the following documents. There are tasks for you to complete in the pre-course instructions download.

AgilePM Pre-course

AgilePM Quick Reference Guide

AgilePM – Syllabus – English v2.1

AgilePM Introduction

Its important to understand as much about the online exam procedure as possible. Please read the online exam candidate guidance.

Candidate Guidance – Online Exams – v2.0 – Nov2021 – English

APMG Exam Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions policy before taking your exams.

Have a scan through the AgilePM glossary.

AgilePM – Glossary – English v2.0

APMG additional information about AgilePM

Find out more about AgilePM from the APMG website.

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AgilePM Project Management Qualification with IPSO FACTO